3 Groups You Need to Target Your Natural Food Brand To

Posted by Pete Burhop on Jan 30, 2018 9:54:16 AM
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Natural foods are gradually dominating the food industry as people are becoming more aware of what they consume. Natural food brands are considered more than a just a product on the shelf. They represent health, wellness and sustainability. As a brand that belongs to this industry, you want to spread brand awareness effectively. So, who exactly should you be targeting?

These three groups are essential in creating a solid and authentic consumer base. 

jannis-brandt-107231Millennials that want quality over quantity


They are slowly but surely ditching the junk food and running to the nearest whole foods. Millennials, who are usually identified as people ranging from the ages of 18-34 are the best people to target. Millennials are influencers, setting the stage for what is trending in everything from music, fashion and definitely food. This demographic is heavily educated on what is new in the natural food world, ranging from everything cage-free to locally sourced. It has become the norm to eat healthy, and to identify as a natural food consumer. We are now in a time where organic and natural is the ultimate preference. Millennials are also not afraid to pay the price. This group is all about quality over quantity, and as soon as they love your brand, they will be sure to talk about it with their friends and their social media channels. 


Athletes that want to nourish their bodies


They push their body to the limit, they train hard and are dedicated to being the best. Athletes don’t just want to enhance their performance, they want to enhance their health, making them a perfect target for your natural food brand. They are always looking for the best new food products that are wholesome and beneficial. Athletes are  searching for natural foods can increase endurance, recovery, and overall performance. Athletes are leading consumers of natural foods, and have the potential to become loyal customers. 

Parents that want safe ingredients for their children


The rising awareness on harmful ingredients in foods are leading parents to switch to natural and organic products that will benefit their families instead of harm them. Mothers and fathers are powerful consumers and underrated influencers that will spread the word to other parents once they know and love your product. They are always searching for best natural foods to feed their families. It is important to target this group as they have the power to make your brand a household name. 

These three demographics are key to elevating your business. If they approve of your brand, you are on a path to success. 


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