Fitness Consumers Have Major Feels For These 6 Custom Merch Items

Posted by Anna Sork on May 17, 2017 12:24:18 PM
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With Millennials and Gen Z's driving the consumer marketplace, the pressure is on for your fitness brand to provide a transforming experience to your consumers. Whether you're a cycling studio, athleisure apparel retailer, or what-have-you, this demographic of consumers relies heavily on you to enhance their healthy, fit lifestyles.

Expand the value your product or service brings them into a larger fitness experience with these 6 custom merchandise items. Each item is hand selected to position your brand as the source for a healthier lifestyle, and can each be custom designed to speak to the visual aesthetic of your brand.

1. Water Bottle



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2. Leggings


3. Sweat Bag



 4. Headband


5. Arm Strap


6. Trucker Hat


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Ready to transform your fitness brand into a fitness experience? Speak to our branding experts about creating merchandise for your audience. Let's create something together.

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