How to Advertise Your Construction Business With Branded Giveaways

Posted by Anna Sork on Dec 20, 2017 10:03:30 AM
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How to Advertise Your Construction Business With Banded Giveaways

Promoting your construction business with free stuff, such as branded merchandise, is a great strategy in any economic climate. There's no better way to establish credibility and brand awareness than by giving away items of value to your prospects. This strategy comes with a lot of benefits, as we outline below.

The Significance of Marketing Your Construction Business with Giveaways

Promotional products and exclusive branded giveaways are an integral marketing tool when it comes to building goodwill for your construction business. They can help your business in a wide range of ways, the most important of which include the following:

Build Brand Awareness

According to the findings of one survey, 66 percent of customers who received promotional items or branded merchandise within the past year were able to remember the name of the company that gave them the items. In the same survey, over 50 percent of those who received free giveaways said the item made them view the company positively. What does all this mean?

Exclusive giveaways for a construction business will work in the minds and heart of your customers. This will help your business to become memorable and more preferred compared to its competitors. In light of the fact that your customers would be carrying the giveaways around, it will offer you more advertising out there. 

Boost Conversions

About 80 percent of prospective customers who receive promotional items report a willingness to engage with that company's services or products. Moreover, when you include your contact information on the giveaways, it becomes much easier for new or repeat-clients to seek out your services. 

Promotional items imprinted with your construction business information will work around the clock to publicly market your services. Likewise, you can create merchandise that helps you capture contact information. In this way, you will be able to follow up with interested prospects. 

That said, let's look at some giveaway ideas you can adapt for your construction business:

Construction Hats 

How to Advertise Your Construction Business With Banded Giveaways

Coolers and Lunch Bags 

How to Advertise Your Construction Business With Banded Giveaways


How to Advertise Your Construction Business With Banded Giveaways

Water Bottle

How to Advertise Your Construction Business With Banded Giveaways 

Bottom Line

Construction is a highly competitive industry, and offering top-notch service is not enough for a construction business to thrive. A construction company has to find ways to make itself a favorable brand in their customers' minds. One of the best ways to achieve this is by providing free giveaways. 

Promotional giveaways may cost you relatively little money, but the free marketing that comes along with them promises impressive results. If you are looking to grow your construction business but don't have the budget for print, television, or radio ads, branded merchandise offers a great alternative. Construction-themed gifts such as branded construction hats, key holders, tape measures, water bottles, etc., make powerful advertising tools for acquiring new customers and maintaining your current ones.


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