How to Attract Top Talent at your Next Job Fair with Unique Promotional Products

Posted by Daniela Baldwin on Mar 9, 2018 3:53:02 PM
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Job fairs are an excellent way to grow your business, interact with top talent, and engage with potential candidates. Additionally, they can also be a competitive space for talent and businesses. No matter how awesome your company is, it's vital that you stand out among the competition. This requires strategic planning to ensure you are genuinely connecting with potential future members of your team! Here is how unique promotional products can help attract the amazing talent you want to hire.


The first (and best) way to stand out is by showcasing your company culture.  A strong culture can improve business performance by motivating employees and unifying your team toward a vision or specific goals that benefits your company as whole. Creating distinct promotional products further represents your company culture, and can show that you care about your employees. Well designed products and merchandise will impress potential talent, and make them feel part of the team. A stylish, useful promotional item for candidates to take home will keep your company top of mind as they continue their job search.

Creating a visual appeal to your booth is just as important as the information you are sharing about open positions. Share what makes your company special by designing your booth in a way that best represents what you can offer. Incorporate branded visual displays, an organized layout, and gifted merchandise. Offering branded products to the mix will enhance your visual display, and catch the attention of potential hires. Great examples of this are coffee mugs with your mission statement, or reusable tote bags, t-shirts, or hats with your logo. The possibilities are endless when creating custom merchandise that can best represent your unique brand and what you have to offer.


Branded merchandise is wearable marketing that your employees (or future hires) will wear and use for years to come.

Branded apparel and products elevate and enhance your brand identity by telling piece of your company's story. 


 Do you want to stand out and attract top talent at your next job fair? We can help.