The Importance of Packaging & Branding in Marketing

Posted by Ted Church on Mar 1, 2018 2:11:29 PM
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Packaging and branding are two of the most important aspects that go into marketing, and should be strategized thoughtfully. In a world that revolves around brands, it's important to determine how your business will stand out. Packaging and branding help build a concise brand personality, attract new customers and keep loyal customers. Here are things to consider when getting started.


Visual Aesthetic

What does your brand's logo look like? What type of fonts do you use? What colors best represent your brand?

Take the time to build a thoughtful and detailed visual description of your brand. Explore what best resonates with your business in all of these visual aspects. A brand identity is lifelong, and not something that should be changed regularly. A consistent brand image can establish your credibility and will initially spark interest from consumers. The most powerful brands in the world remain consistent with brand colors, logos and identity. 

Gain color inspiration from websites such as Pantone  + Pinterest.



In a competitive marketplace, packaging is so much more than just placing your product in a box -- it's an opportunity to "wow" your customer! Make opening your package an experience. Showing your customers that you went the extra mile will make a great impression. This can be done in small but impressive gestures such as a thank you card, or creating eye catching exterior packaging design.



So, why do these details matter so much? They help you stand out from the crowd. 

Creating a brand that truly resonates with your mission will ultimately give you the individuality you need to succeed. Consistency in branding and packaging fosters brand recognition. Who doesn't want more of that? 

A great example of a company dominating branding is  Glossier, the skincare/cosmetics line loved by millennials all over the globe. Why do they do so well? Not because they have the best cosmetics, but because their packaging is more than bubble wrap and a cardboard box. It looks like a gift, rather than any other item purchased online. The brand includes stickers and a thank you card with every online purchase. These details matter, and sets them apart from their competitors. 


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