Promotional Products that Promote Safety on the Construction Job Site

Posted by Anna Sork on Aug 7, 2017 11:28:26 AM
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From accident tallies on-display on the construction site, to rapidly growing marketing campaigns like OSHA's National Fall Prevention Stand-Down and Safety Week, it's no secret job site safety is of top priority in the construction industry. One key learning I took with me when I received my OSHA certification in fall prevention was that now more than ever businesses in the construction industry need to promote - and facilitate - the importance of safety on the job site for their workers.

OSHA's PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) regulations for construction workers requires that they wear specific gear on the site. Why not take advantage of these requirements, while also showing your company's dedication to job site safety, by branding these items as giveaways for your customers and crew. 

Forget the backhoe squishies and logo pens for your marketing efforts, and invest in branding products that provide value to the recipients you gift them to. Who knows - your promotional products might save someone's life. Here's a list of items that can be branded by your business to provide a safer work environment for your customers and crew. 

Eye and Face Protection

Eye-Protecting Safety Glasses

Unique Promotional Products Construction Safety Glasses

Head Protection

Hard Hat

Unique Promotional Products Construction Hard Hat

Hearing Protection

Ear Plugs

Unique Promotional Products Construction Ear Plugs

Ear Muffs

Unique Promotional Products Construction Safety Ear Muffs

Hand Protection

Work Gloves

   Unique Promotional Products Construction Work Gloves

Body Protection

Safety Vest

Unique Promotional Products Construction Safety Vest

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