Unique Promotional Products: 5 Wearable Tech Items Your Consumers Want

Posted by Anna Sork on Jul 17, 2017 11:47:48 AM
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As the emerging trend of wearable technology continues to advance and adapt to satisfy consumer needs, your brand can be at the forefront of innovation by offering these products as promotional incentives. Offering unique promotional products that speak to your audience's challenges and behaviors will enable your business to connect with your customers on a more personal level by integrating with their every day lifestyles.

Here are 5 wearable products you can decorate with your logo and brand's visual aesthetic to gift to your audience. 

1. Mobile Virtual Reality Headset

Now virtual reality can be experienced by anyone. This Virtual Reality headset gives a 360 degree viewing and gaming experience. The light weight headset allows your audience to experience virtual reality in comfort, with an adjustable head strap making it “one size fits all”. The Virtual Reality headset fits all the popular phones, this includes the iPhone 6/7 & 6/7 plus, HTC One, and Nexus 6.


2. LED Smart Watch

The LED smart watch is an electronic timepiece with a 1.44" LCD touch screen and so much more. Once connected via Bluetooth, it can begin receiving notifications from your customer's smartphone allowing him or her to connect and respond instantly, and take phone calls quickly and conveniently with the built-in speaker and microphone. Additional functions include a music player and remote camera shutter. 


3. HD 720P Camera Sunglasses

With the HD 720P Camera Sunglasses your customers can take videos or photos in style. The sunglasses feature a High definition 720P camera in the center of the sunglasses, offering the perfect angle to capture any moment. The sunglasses also feature a microphone to record sound. The sunglasses are compatible with any micro SD card up to 64GB.


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4. Slap On USB

Combining the fun of a slap bracelet with the utility of a USB Drive, the Slap USB has a unique design that fits any wrist size making it an unforgettable promotional gift. It's lightweight design makes carrying up to 32BG of hi-speed memory convenient and stylish.


5. Activity Tracker/Sleep & Heart Rate Monitor

Help your health-conscious customers track their daily fitness progress with this wearable activity tracker. Notable features include: One Touch Display, Step, Calories burned, Distance, Activity time and daily goal %, Sleep Monitor, and ECG & Heart-rate Measurement. Rechargeable battery, Time/Date display, Activity alarm and Clock alarm. Wireless connectivity to free tracker app.

Activity TrackerSleep & Heartrate Monitor.jpeg

Make your next promotional campaign stand out by taking advantage of this emerging trend for your promotional incentives. Partner with us to produce the right wearable tech products that effectively speak to the ethos of your brand while emotionally connecting with your target audience. Let's create something together.


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