What You Need To Build A Successful Brand Website

Posted by Daniela Baldwin on Jul 13, 2018 12:53:07 PM
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Screenshot 2018-07-11 10.05.20Have you ever been interested in a brand and decided to look at their website? but they don't seem to have one? or worse, they have a website that is unorganized, unappealing to the eye and doesn't provide the information you are looking for?

Consumers now have the ability to discover everything they want to know about a brand through the world wide web, which means having a website is a key component of building a successful brand. 

We worked with Emerson Stone to create a stunning website for our client Scarpetta Wines. Scarpetta is an emerging brand leader in the Italian wine industry, they offer six unique wines focused on the conscious consumer’s everyday wine market. Distributed in 22 states throughout the US, Scarpetta’s goal is to make everyday wines special.

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We knew that we needed to make a website that was just as special as their wine. It needed to be modern, welcoming and appealing. Are you looking to make a website for your brand but are unsure of what type of content needs to be included? We can help with that! Here are some things to consider when making a website for your brand. 

Quality images

It is so important that there are only quality images on your site as they are a reflection of your brand. If photos on the site are blurry or grainy, it can portray an image of your brand not caring, or not modern. Quality images are also a great way to share what your product looks like in more depth, and share the ethos of the brand with lifestyle shots. No matter what, quality images will always be in style and will make you website look amazing. As you can see, Scarpetta included lifestyle images on their website to add to their brand brand personality. 


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We are all now used to receiving information very quickly with the use of news apps and social media. It no different with a website. Your copy should be straight to the point and informative, letting potential consumers know what your products are and why they should buy them. If the copy on your sight is too wordy, readers will become overwhelmed and will lose interest quickly. 

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Your website should be easy to navigate. Try and put as much information on a couple of pages so your consumers are not inconvenienced with opening multiple pages. Having an organized website is essential in today's world. 

An "About me" section 

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The about me section is the most visited page on a website, with good reason! People want to know what your brand is all about and what you stand for! Without a section of your website dedicated to your story, your not giving your audience what they are looking for, which is more information about you! 


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