How Chipotle Is Using Virtual Fundraising for Schools

Posted by Melissa Kovach on Sep 2, 2020 4:56:08 PM
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Go ahead, get that extra side of guac — it’s for a good cause.

In an effort to create an online experience as close to, if not better than Chipotle’s IRL restaurant experience, the fast-casual chain has launched it’s first-ever virtual fundraising event to raise money for underserved kids going back to school in an online classroom.

The strategic move not only helps brand fans remain engaged and loyal to the company during social distancing and other COVID precautions, but creates an avenue for customers to give back to local communities hit the hardest this year.

In partnership with non-profit organization Kids in Need, Chipotle will donate 33 percent of fundraiser sales back to local educational organizations through the use of promo codes. Customers have the option to round orders to the nearest dollar to donate.

As kids across the country are shifting to some combination or entirely remote education model, going back-to-school calls for supplies not necessarily required in years past, namely a reliable computer with internet access.

Events like these use the heavyweight of a highly recognizable brand and their devout followers to raise awareness and drive real change, while being beneficial to the business.

Virtual fundraising events can help bring your brand values to life. In this event, Chipotle is putting force behind their main company value that food has the power to change the world in a very tactile way while doing great work in areas that are timely and relevant to the communities it serves.

Chipotle Virtual Fundraising Event banner promotion


Chipotle New Way to Donate

Promotional products can be a part of driving change and using brand equity

This is a brilliant example of how a brand as large and well-known as Chipotle is taking advantage of it’s robust brand equity to live out it’s core brand values. The role of promotional products in this campaign helps to connect intangible ideas and feelings with tangible impacts of the initiative as a whole.

As a (very proud!) partner of Chipotle’s in designing and producing their custom promotional products, we’ve been able to become an extension of their brand team in a way. Knowing their values on a deeper level by working on a number of various projects together we have as good an understanding of who they are as a brand and their target audience as anyone on their core team.

Chipotle Custom Backpack

The use of a custom made backpack here isn't just for the sake of offering a piece of merch. It serves a purpose to those who receive it and it aligns seamlessly with the brand’s values and focus on quality as it does with their products and services.

There shouldn’t be any level of disconnect when one experiences your brand, no matter if it’s with the products and services you offer or the merchandise or promotional products you leverage. And to get your message across in a strategic way, the promotional products you use should be designed to be a powerful conduit that sends the message loud and clear. 📣

Looking for ideas on how to run your virtual fundraisers?

Our team of brand experts can help you ideate ways in which your brand can run a virtual fundraiser using tactile pieces that elevate the company and meet the event’s goals. Give us a call today and let’s chat.

If you hit our VM, it’s because we’re picking up some steak burrito bowls, with extra guac, for lunch.

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