14 Well-Done Logo Redesigns: Before & After

Posted by Anna Sork on Jun 2, 2017 7:00:00 AM
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As a visual representation of your brand, it's important that your logo is relevant to your audience while clearly communicating the ethos of your brand story. As companies grow, market landscapes change and consumers' preferences evolve, the initial design of a brand's identity can become outdated. With the right strategy and design expertise, putting a fresh spin on your logo can be an extremely valuable move for your business.

Here are 14 logo redesigns to inspire the potential an updated look can have for your brand.

1. Goldbranch


Located in Niwot, Colorado, Goldbranch is an exclusive residential development with modern Mediterranean village homes and one-acre estates. We created an elegant and contemporary visual identity to help position Goldbranch as an exclusive and desirable luxury community.

2. AVCrafters


AVCrafters is a local company that combines craftsmanship with modern technology to create fluent home automation systems that elevate your home and lifestyle. AVCrafters prides itself in high-level customer service and a personalized approach to every project.

We crafted a clean, contemporary visual identity that combines design and a modern aesthetic in order to reflect the curated services of this brand.

Click here to view the entire rebrand of AVCrafters

3. FoodCorps

FoodCorps_Logos.pngFoodCorps is a non-profit organization that changes the school food environment by giving all students a chance at a healthy and productive future. FoodCorps delivers hands-on lessons, healthy school meals, and a school-wide culture of health in high-need schools, hoping to create healthier generations of Americans.

We created a professional yet approachable visual identity to help position FoodCorps as a brand of action and a force for actual change.

Click here to view the entire rebrand of FoodCorps

4. Thistle

Thistle_Logos.pngThistle is a local non-profit dedicated to the planning, development and management of affordable housing. They ensure that working families, disabled and elderly residents in Boulder County are able to live and work where they want.

We updated their logo to incorporate an abstracted Thistle icon, focusing on community, openness and growth. We selected a sophisticated color palette and clean visual aesthetic, giving the Thistle brand a high level of professionalism.


Click here to view the entire rebrand of Thistle

5. eTown

eTown_Logos.pngeTown is an independent radio program that combines great live music with thoughtful conversation surrounding our communities.

We worked with eTown’s hosts and founders to modernize the brand and create a complete system of design elements resulting in a consistent appearance on print pieces, promotional materials, and online. The iconic “e” was updated to be more contemporary and to solidify the notion of live music and broadcasting.


Click here to view the entire rebrand of eTown

6. Boulder County Farmers Market

BoulderCountyFarmersMarket_Logos.pngBoulder County Farmers Markets is a nonprofit organization operating producer-only farmers markets in Boulder County, Colorado, since 1987. Their mission is to support, promote and expand local agriculture, making fresh products accessible to our community and strengthening relationships between local food producers and food consumers.

As a local favorite within the community, we were excited to work with the Farmers Markets to complete a visual refreshWe created a look that has fluidity within the multiple locations yet retains the consistent reputation of the overarching organization.


Click here to view the entire rebrand of Boulder County Farmers Market

7. Camber Outdoors


Formerly known as the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC), Camber Outdoors promotes leadership opportunities for women in the active outdoor industry, through professional development programs, corporate insight, and community leadership. 

The logo we designed for them is comprised of the CO monogram and an infinity symbol, which naturally form a clean path within an engaging visual icon. This is combined with bold, modern typography and the bright orange brand color which highlight the company’s positivity and energy in the industry.


Click here to view the entire rebrand of Camber Outdoors

8. Coalesce

Coalesce_Logos.pngCoalesce is a Boulder, Colorado based custom metal fabrication shop, specializing in engineering beautiful industrial designs. Their name defines their style: Coalesce – to create through a combination of distinct elements.

With the ability to work with a myriad of metals, woods, composites and glass, our team worked with craftsman at Coalesce to create a new logo. The mark combines tactile construction materials to simulate the products they fabricate, and the typography is classic, bold, and reinforces designs that are straight-forward, sturdy, and timeless.


Click here to view the entire rebrand of Coalesce

9. Coburn

Coburn_Logos.pngCoburn Development is a Colorado-based architecture, construction and development firm that creates beautiful living areas for family and commercial environments.

We developed a contemporary visual identity inspired by their collaborative process and creative building solutions. The architectural shapes of the logomark create an implied form and movement that shows the depth of the company.


Click here to view the entire rebrand of Coburn

10. Cultivate


Cultivate Premium Corporate Gifts provides premium corporate gift experience on site, making it easy for planners and memorable for attendees.

We created an updated brand icon, representative of a wrapped gift and the positive experience that Cultivate provides for their clients.

Click here to view the entire rebrand of Cultivate

11. Element Six

ElementSix_Logos.pngElement Six works one-on-one to diagnose the cause of your pain, and helps create a plan of resolution, often within six visits. Plans may consist of a variety of disciplines including acupuncture, movement, physical therapy, sports medicine, and nutrition.

To begin the rebranding process, we came up with the name Element Six, referring to the six components of health: physical, spiritual, emotional, social, environmental, and mental. And the six elements that make up the body: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. The logo is crisp and contemporary, and the visual aesthetic portrays a welcoming and authoritative spirit.

Click here to view the entire rebrand of Element Six

12. Open Sky

OpenSky_Logos.pngOpen Sky assists teens, young adults and families struggling with difficult challenges and life circumstances. Nestled in the mountains of southwest Colorado and the Canyonlands of southeast Utah, the Open Sky approach transcends traditional wilderness therapy by emphasizing treatment for the whole family.

We updated their logo with an authentic, inviting design incorporating abstract symbolism and a sophisticated, modern font. The peaks represent Open Sky's core values: courage, excellence and community.

13. RallySport

RallySport_Logos.pngRallySport is the quintessential, authentic Boulder fitness center. Not wanting to lose their recognizability in the community, we created a modernization of their current logo, refreshing the familiar heart icon that resonates so well with members and represents strength, health and compassion. This new aesthetic is elevated, mirroring the brand’s premium offerings and resources.

Click here to view the entire rebrand of RallySport

14. Stonewear


Stonewear offers women’s athletic apparel for climbing, hiking, running, and yoga. Born from energetic, real women who get out there, Stonewear is passionate about designing clothing that women will love, because it’s incredibly comfortable, lasts a lifetime, and makes them feel great.

The updated identity is an evolution of their original diamond shape; dynamic and strong, yet also feminine and organic. Balanced by clean and approachable typography, this identity is an anchor for a modern and appealing visual aesthetic.

Click here to view the entire rebrand of Stonewear Designs

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