3 Examples of Thoughtful Branding For Private Label Apparel

Posted by Anna Sork on Mar 13, 2017 5:39:04 PM
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When sourcing apparel for your brand merchandising line, keep in mind that there are more opportunities to customize your private label apparel than meets the eye. Rather than slapping your logo on a t-shirt and calling it a day, put some thought into the way you brand your merchandise. Below are three examples of thoughtful branding for your private label collection. 

1. Pay attention to the details

Curating a fully custom apparel line allows you to integrate the aesthetic of your brand in every detail, from pull-ties and tagging, all the way down to the stitching. 

Take the custom hoodie we produced for Google, for example. The cut and sew design allowed us to incorporate each color of their iconic brand identity, making the hoodie easily recognizable as a representation of their brand, without having their logo plastered across the front. 



2. What's on the inside matters

A common mistake many brands make when designing their private label apparel is solely focusing on the exterior of the piece. Adding branded lining to the interior is a unique way to set your apparel apart, while reinforcing your brand - without being overwhelming, or pushy.

For example, the custom vests we produced for Dangerous Man Brewing have a subtle, yet impactful, way of expressing the ethos of their brand.



3. Surprise and delight with added touches

Take advantage of the additional real estate that surprise and delight touches offer, such as hang tags, to further create a cohesive brand identity. Incorporating the visual aesthetic of your brand into the design of these added pieces increases your brand recognition by making a lasting impression on the consumer.

The custom hang tag we created for Stonewear is a great example, designed by using key elements of the brand's identity, such as the vibrant color and the fluidity of their logo. 




Forget the "slap your logo here" approach, and start putting thought into the way you brand your private label apparel. Our branding experts are ready to help you take your merchandise to the next level. Let's create something together. 



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