3 Target Audiences to Market Your Meal Delivery Service To 

Posted by Daniela Baldwin on Mar 13, 2018 4:53:46 PM
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Meal delivery services are rising with popularity year after year, and companies like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are dominating the industry. So, why are meal delivery services so popular? People are busy, and sometimes going to the grocery store just doesn't fit into the schedule. Are you thinking of starting a meal delivery service of your own? Make sure to target these 3 groups...


College Students and Young Adults

This is a popular demographic for meal delivery services, as college students and young adults live fast paced lives. With classes, active social lives and new careers, there is little to no time to think about what to make for dinner, let alone buy groceries. Studies show that this demographic also enjoys meal delivery services because they miss home cooked meals.  Meal delivery services can provide young adults with a taste of home, and provide step by step recipes to ease them into cooking for themselves. 



With music lessons, soccer practices and endless to-do lists, parents can definitely feel overwhelmed when planning a meal at the end of the day. Meal delivery services are a great option for busy parents and families. Not only will it save them time from going to the grocery store, but it gives them the chance to cook with their kids, without all of the extra work of food preparation. Cooking dinner becomes less of a hassle and more of an experience. 


Working Professionals 

Working professionals, especially men, are gravitating toward meal kit delivery services. According to Time.com, studies show that men are slightly more likely to order a meal kit, with 23% saying they’ve used a service as opposed to only 15% of women. Working professionals are often busy and overwhelmed, but having a meal kit delivery service takes the guesswork out of planning and making dinner. After a long day at the office, what could be better than that?



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