3 Things New Hire Welcome Packages Say About Your Brand

Posted by Ted Church on May 23, 2017 10:36:44 AM
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1. You Invest In Your Employees

Allocating resources towards assembling a gift of goods to welcome your new employees to the team with sets the stage for how much your company invests in its team members. Quality items such as journals, messenger bags, hoodies, etc., show that ensuring your employees are happy and equipped with the tools needed to succeed is a priority. Even something as simple as a handwritten note requires the dedication of someone's time, thought, and effort in order to be signed, sealed, and delivered. The mere thought of taking an extra step to ensure someone feels welcomed in their new environment is a testament to the fact that your company cares about them as a person. 


2. You're Building a Community

Gifting your team with branded apparel and merchandise shows that you are striving to build something bigger than the product or service you offer. When these items are worn or used, it communicates that your company is bringing together people who share a passion for what your business stands for, building a community of advocates for your brand. 


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3. You Have a Unique Story to Tell

Every successful venture has a story behind it that makes it unique. The idea it originated from, the people who are bringing it to life, and value it provides for its customers - to name a few. When done correctly, a new hire welcome package cohesively introduces each of these special attributes, evoking an emotional connection with the brand felt by new employees from the moment they come on board. It's been proven that the sooner team members are immersed in the culture and believe in the story of your brand, the higher the level of performance and dedication they put towards the company's success. 


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So, how do you find the right items to gift to your new team members, to achieve these three benefits? Our branding agency is dedicated to helping brands translate their ethos into tangible goods that build emotional connections with their audience. The best example we can share is our own. Contact us to schedule a free consultation for your brand. Let's create something together.

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