3 Ways To Leverage Your Brand

Posted by Daniela Baldwin on Jul 22, 2018 12:08:49 PM
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Just launched a brand? Here are three steps you can take to bring your brand to life and get recognized by your ideal customer. 

Branded Apparel 


Are you not sure why branded apparel is important? Branded apparel is an extension of your brand that can leverage your business immensely. For example, Glossier, a cosmetics line that now has a cult following, created branded apparel for their loyal consumers. Their branded apparel not only helped build brand awareness and brand ethos, but also generated revenue. Once your brand is clear in its missions and its identity, it is time to create branded apparel that will grow your consumer base. 

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Strong Social Media Presence



A strong social media presence helps reach wider audiences, helps create a more clear  aesthetic and keeps your consumers updated on whats going on with your brand! This is especially important if you are trying to reach a millennial audience, as they are the most prevalent users of social media. Instagram is a great strategic tool to use when leveraging your brand as it gives you the opportunity to showcase your business visually. 

Creating a Logo

Every successful brand has a recognizable logo that fits their unique personality and capabilities as a company. It is extremely important that your logo is aligned with your brand's personality. If you are having trouble with this, here is an example. Harley Davidson is a brand known for masculinity, and their logo portrays that. It wouldn't make much sense if their logo was hot pink with glitter detailing. Figure out what makes the most sense for your brand and stick with it. 


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