5 Food & Beverage Retail Packaging Designs We Love

Posted by Anna Sork on Feb 23, 2017 11:30:21 AM
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Retail Packaging vs. Retail Packaging Design

How many pages of Google searches does it take to find a source for retail packaging that doesn't ask you to [INSERT LOGO HERE]? Sure, the search results promote themselves as offering "custom" and "package design" - but how much design can you really say goes into slapping a single-color logo on a standard color box?

At Anthem Branding, we believe that the visual aesthetic of your product's packaging should evoke an emotional connection with your brand's target audience, giving them a taste of your food or beverage before it even hits their lips. Thoughtful packaging should be designed by keeping both the character of your brand and the essence of what's inside of your packaging in mind.

Check out a few of our favorite examples of food and beverage retail packaging design below.

Examples of Food & Drink Retail Packaging Design 

1. Sir Bananas 



2. Green Earth Organics



3. Scarpetta Wines 

Scarpetta Wine Retail Packaging Design Agency


4. The Baker All Natural Granola

Baker Granola retail packaging brand design agency


5. Good Luck Chuck Sunflower Seed Butter

Good Luck Chuck food retail packaging design

Looking for more inspiration for your retail packaging design? Check out our portfolio of beautifully designed wine packaging, or click below to speak to a branding expert!



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