5 Unique Promotional Products to Inspire Your Brand's Line Up

Posted by Anna Sork on Feb 14, 2017 4:15:43 PM
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In an unfortunate world of mass-produced tchotchke hell, it can be difficult to source inspired products that truly represent and promote the essence of your brand. Below are a few of my favorite unique promotional products to help get those creative juices flowing as you consider your next order of promo merch.  

1. Dangerous Man Brewery Custom Vests

Dangerous Man Brewery Custom Vests

Like the beer, care is taken with all the fine details to create these truly unique pieces of custom apparel. These Dangerous Man Brewery vests have many hidden details – patterned, printed, and embroidered interiors, carefully selected fabrics and finishing details such as buttons and drawstrings, and specialized pockets for every purpose. 

2. Simms Custom Designed Flasks

Simms Fishing Custom Designed Flasks

Targeting young, hip fly fishing enthusiasts who are looking for high quality products, Simms had a robust and unique lifestyle apparel and accessories line designed and produced to be sold in fly shops across the U.S., including these beautifully designed custom flasks.

3. All Time Low Custom Branded Wallets

All Time Low Custom Branded Wallets Anthem Branding

All Time Low's custom wallets incorporated the band’s logo and expressive graphics from their album art. These items also caught the attention of millennials nationwide while being sold at the popular music and fashion chain, Hot Topic. 

4. Google Custom Map Koozie

Google Custom Map Koozie Anthem Branding

Google's custom map koozie is one unique promotional product in their diverse range of merchandise and apparel that showcases their fun and outdoorsy brand personality - while speaking to their leading map platform in an inspired way. 

5. Burton Custom Gold Dog Tag

Burton Custom Gold Dog Tag Anthem Branding

Burton had a series of custom lifestyle items and giveaways designed and produced that speak to their core audience and reflect who they are as a brand, such as this Burton branded gold dog tag


Ready to ditch the cheap pens and boring sticky notepads? Speak to a branding expert about collaborating on an inspired collection of unique promotional products for your brand.



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