6 Trending Reusable Drinkware Styles

Posted by Melissa Kovach on Feb 14, 2020 11:14:17 AM
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If you think drinkware is passé, it’s time to think again. 

Demand for reusable drinkware has pushed new developments

Reusable drinkware demand continues to climb as these portable items are not only a fashion statement but a status symbol. Nearly 70 percent of consumers will pay more for sustainable products.

Manufacturers are facing pressure to constantly offer innovative lines — from double-wall insulation and stainless steel to ceramic and other alternative plastic options, extreme performance capabilities, and artisan-quality decoration techniques.

And reusable drinkware items are an excellent and affordable way businesses can display their brand on a very visible and very transportable item. 

Couple that with the fact that we’re all a little dehydrated — nearly 88 percent of Americans — these items can help solve many challenges. 

(brb, gotta go refill my Nalgene…) 

Plastic reduction legislation also increases the demand for reusable drinkware 

But first, some sobering facts:

  • The average plastic bag is used for just 12 minutes, but it could take 450 years to break down
  • Only 9 percent of the plastic ever produced has been recycled

California, Hawaii, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Oregon, Vermont, and D.C. have banned single-use plastic bags in an effort to reduce the plastic footprint state-wide.

Sustainability, fortunately, sells; consumers seek out brands that are contributing to the greater good such as those committing to sustainable practices in whatever way possible.

So without further ado, we present our top reusable drinkware faves! 
Our team of brand experts will work with you to determine the right style based on your goals and decor techniques to leverage so your brand continues to surprise and delight whoever interacts with it. 

6 trending reusable drinkware styles 

With a host of vibrant colors, insulative technology, and world-class decor techniques, here is the lineup of reusable drinkware styles your consumers will love.

Hot trend tip: Stickering a water bottle with branded stickers is in — giving consumers a way to use branded stickers they receive at events or post-purchase and brands another way to get the word out.  

You can leverage a decor technique that permanently applies a branded graphic to appear like it was originally a sticker directly to your reusable item, so the final product is “pre-stickered” for your audience. Just another way to incorporate a trending style into your drinkware collection.


We love the sophisticated look this matte finish provides the Iris stoneware mug. A variety of interior gloss colors are available to make your brand color pop but in a subtle and tasteful way. The cork base adds an aesthetic factor and a useful built-in coaster function. 

Iris MugIris Mug group


This drinkware item would be a great tradeshow or conference giveaway. Hand out with some hot coffee in the morning and invite attendees to return to your booth for a happy hour networking event for a free fill of wine.

Cece mug

Cece group


Two-tone and color blocking is a huge color trend in retail and product spaces. And that’s what the Gala tumbler offers. Add vacuum insulation, a stainless steel rim, and a push-on lid and this tumbler is an easy go-to fave.

GalaGala Group

h2go lodge 

Our fave feature about the Lodge is the magnetic cup/lid! No more lost lids!

h2go Lodgeh2go Lodge group

h2go easton

A timeless design to keep nearly 21 ounces of water ice cold all day long, need we say more?
 h2go eastonh2go easton Group

h2go essen 

A food container that will make the entire break room envious.

h2go Essenh2go essen groupLet’s get working on building out your next reusable drinkware line with these trends in mind. Contact a branding expert to get started!


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