7 Custom Merchandise Items The Guardian U.S. Sales Team Uses

Posted by Melissa Kovach on Mar 28, 2019 9:33:54 AM
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The media industry has seen tremendous shifts in the last few decades — challenging leading mastheads like The Guardian, one of the world’s leading English-speaking newspaper sites, to stay agile, relevant, and timely, not just with their content, but in the way in which it’s delivered, consumed, and demanded.

Last year The Guardian unveiled a new look of the U.S. website and The Guardian app which was in line with the launch of the new Guardian tabloid-sized newspaper.

The redesign offers a new reader experience for its 155 million monthly unique browsers and represents The Guardian’s place and purpose in today’s turbulent news agenda.

At the time of the redesign, Guardian US amplified its new look and digital identity with readers and advertisers in America.

“While the redesign had a much bigger impact in the UK (because of the printed newspaper), we were excited for our American readers and advertisers to experience the newly refreshed site,” Heather Mann, Chief Marketing Officer, North America at The Guardian told us.

Mann stumbled across Anthem Branding online after she was tasked with finding new merchandise for the U.S.-based sales team that wasn’t like everything else out there.

“The agency’s aesthetic popped out to me the most,” she told us. “Very clean, very modern style. A lot of the items are the same things that others are doing, but everything — especially Anthem’s presentation of merchandise — was more sophisticated.”

The Guardian uses custom branded merchandise as a sales tool and conversation starter

We partnered with Mann and the U.S. sales team to produce elevated items that represent the heritage brand, raise brand awareness, and for the sales team to leave behind after meetings instead of one-dimensional marketing collateral or a run-of-the-mill branded pen.  

Journal Series

Custom journal series for The Guardian US by Anthem Branding

Custom Journals for The Guardian by Anthem Branding

We created a series of six saddle-stitched branded journals for The Guardian U.S. sales team, which out of the complete line-up of custom branded merchandise produced, is a crowd favorite.

Each journal embodies the solid bright and bold colors the brand is known for and showcases powerful quotes and terminology that comprises the brand’s ethos. On the inside cover, you can find quotes from legendary Guardian editor CP Scott and current editor-in-chief, Katherine Viner (the organization's first female editor), as a reminder of the brand’s mission and vision.

Sales team members give the journals out to clients at meetings and as a way to keep the conversation going. Because they are produced as a series but not handed out as a complete set, the journals are a collectible item people look forward to getting them all.

“When you go to a lot of meetings and you have to throw so many things in your bag, these journals are perfect; they’re lightweight, yet wide enough to write in a significant manner,” says Mann. “In the digital space, it’s nice to have something tangible and that clients love.”  

Water bottles, t-shirts, tote bags, rubber bands, and webcam covers also join the custom branded merchandise line at The Guardian

“Even though the water bottle is just another water bottle, people really like them because they are well-designed with a very clean and understated style,” says Mann.

Custom tote bags - black and yellow - for The Guardian by Anthem Branding

Custom apparel and stainless steel waterbottle for The Guardian by Anthem Branding

Unique promotional products for The Guardian by Anthem Branding

The Anthem Branding custom branded merchandise difference

We believe that every piece of custom merchandise is an opportunity for the consumer to connect with the ethos of your brand. We strive to source high-quality and on-trend items that not only look great, but that create a lasting emotional connection with your audience.

Our elevated view on custom merchandise and promotional products isn’t just a nod to our Boulder headquarters, which sits at 5,328-feet above sea level, but because we never settle for the status quo. We push boundaries to find unique ways to represent your brand.

Are you looking to up your custom branded merchandise game with some elevated items that uniquely represent your brand? Contact one of our branding experts for more details.

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