All the Custom Swag You Need for a Hackathon

Posted by Jordan Eckes on Aug 15, 2018 10:34:14 AM

You don't think swag and technology fit together? You would be surprised. At the Ethereum Hackathon Conference in Denver, Anthem Branding produced cool, authentic custom merchandise for the 2018 convention.

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EthDenver is a 36-hour Hackathon event incorporating workshops and famous speakers put on by Ethereum for coders, developers, thought leaders, and leading companies in the tech space. 

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Their technological focus during the EthDenver Conference was cryptocurrency.  Speakers at EthDenver discussed the benefits of cryptocurrency, and the positive impacts that it will bring to our economy later on.

I interviewed Zach McArtor, an attendee of the EthDenver event. He commented on the highlights of EthDenver, including the "incredible array of free snacks and kombucha. Giant bean-bags all over the place to relax. Lots of well-meaning people trying to use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to solve what are fundamentally social issues."

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Although some try to avoid it, most people are inherently drawn to tangible takeaways. Unique promotional products and custom apparel allow brands visibility in a crowded space, creating emotional connections between the attendees and the event. Here are a few examples of the branded merchandise we produced for EthDenver.  

High Quality Custom T-Shirts

ethdenver pink t-shirt frontethdenver pink t-shirt back  

ethdenver gray t-shirt frontethdenver gray t-shirt back


ethdenver purple t-shirt frontethdenver purple t-shirt back

 Branded Water Bottles

branded ethdenver waterbottles 


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