Best Last-Minute Merch and Swag for ETH Denver

Posted by Melissa Kovach on Jan 27, 2020 2:38:54 PM
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We are just about two weeks from one of the most heartfelt community buildathon gatherings in Colorado: ETH Denver, the next evolution of the tech world’s well-known style hackathon event.

In its third year, the community-focused event brings topics around decentralization and blockchain front-and-center. Developers, technologists, cyberpunks, crypto economists, designers, and makers are encouraged to apply to the largest Web3 #BUIDLthon in the world.

Build event hype with custom merch and cool swag

For events in their early years, it’s critical to keep brand awareness high and many brands find success in doing so using swag — whether it’s stocking up the conference shop, handing some out to attendees during the event, or used for exclusive giveaways.

Custom merchandise and premium promotional products are guaranteed brand builders.

For ETH Denver, purchasing their swag helps keep the event free by creating a revenue stream for the business side of things. They’ve developed a campaign around this strategy using the hashtag #KeepETHDenverFree.

To celebrate this community, its unique brand ethos, and values, here are some ideas for new merch and swag we can still turn around in time for the 2020 gathering.


These become exclusive collector items for niche events like this. Just take a look at the value of an ETH Denver 2018 limited edition shirt.



For the Spork Marmot fans… need we say more?

Best Merch and swag for ETH Denver-1

Water bottles

With attendees coming in from around the world, hydration in the Mile High City is even more important!

Water bottle by Anthem Branding

Rolltop backpack

Rolltop backpack by Anthem Branding

Wireless charging pad

It would be the worst at a tech event to be without power. This post charges Apple Watches and mobile devices.

Wireless charging post

Make the Year of the Pegabufficorn the best ETH Denver event yet! Chat with one of our branding experts to get started on your merch needs.


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