Brand Ethos Explained

Posted by Ellen Macy on Jun 6, 2019 8:55:00 AM
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Simply put, brand ethos is what a brand stands for.

Knowing your brand ethos brings authenticity and legitimacy to your brand. The average person is exposed to thousands of branded advertisements each day. Having a clearly defined ethos is a powerful way to not only connect with your audience but to help them remember your brand.

What is brand ethos?

Example of brand ethos in action

Apple’s ethos, for example, is all about “making tools for the mind that advance humankind.” The brand’s sleek, clean, and modern branding is a reflection of just that.

Why does brand ethos matter?

In addition to building legitimacy and establishing brand authenticity, people resonate and connect with brands that live up to who they say they are.

Brand ethos creates brand advocacy

Being sure of who your brand is, what makes it different, and what it stands for will lead your company to form an audience base of people who deeply believe in your brand. These people will go out of their way to advocate for your brand.

Brand ethos brings brands to life

Since brand ethos is made up of intangible company principles, brands translate their ethos in tangible ways through custom merchandise, private label apparel, or unique promotional products

Promotional products are most effective when they carry out a brand's ethos in a tangible way, representing the brand in the best light possible. The most successful products consistently relay the narrative of your brand story and come to represent the brand with unique nuances such as a brand's colors or being useful based on the company's industry — not just another thing that is thrown together without much guidance from those brand ethos. 

Whether it’s in a piece of marketing material, displayed on the company’s website, or explained by employees, if the story is inconsistent, a brand can lose its trust from its audience and will void any credibility it has built. 

You must be a pro at explaining what you stand for and making sure your behavior and associated strategies align with that image.

A strong, cohesive brand that is telling a genuine, passionate story reaps all sorts of benefits from a marketing perspective, including: 

  • Brand awareness
  • Credibility
  • Reputation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand loyalty

Marketers can use these tools in efforts to attract like-minded, mindful consumers who want to purchase products/services from a high-value brand.

How Anthem Branding incorporates brand ethos into our design process

When clearly defined and consistently told, brand ethos guides a company’s creative assets, which are essential to:

  • Brand name
  • Visual identity
  • Positioning
  • Messaging 

We start off each project with a strategic exploration to discover and develop what a brand’s ethos is and how it should be used to position the company in its target market and against the competition.

To pinpoint that sweet spot of a brand’s ethos, we work with you to:

  • Determine how your brand is unique from other brands in the marketplace
  • Define your ideal audience
  • Shape the character and personality of your brand

From there, our team of dedicated creative professionals builds deliverables that are naturally developed based on the strategic foundation that is put in place from your defined ethos.



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