Branded Holiday Gift Idea: Water Bottles With Examples

Posted by Melissa Kovach on Aug 28, 2019 7:48:00 AM
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A trusted water bottle is as valuable as a trusted pen — with both items, you get a lot of throw-aways, but when you score a well-done one, you can’t think how you lived life before it.

Brands sell or give out water bottles on the reg, from every shape, size, color and material available. Some are better than others, and some are exceptional.

Let’s focus on the latter: exceptional.

When you score the trusted pen, it earns your trust because it writes like a dream. You love the feeling you have when writing with it, the weight of the pen, the look of the ink, its quality, and consistency.

When you score the trusted water bottle, it holds the same status as, say, a cell phone: you never go anywhere without it. It keeps your cold drinks, cold. It keeps your hot drinks, hot. It’s easy to carry, portable, stylish, functional to the highest degree, it makes you look cool, and says to the world, you’re not only trendy but eco-trendy.

Head into REI and those water bottles you know you wouldn’t be able to live without: the HydroFlasks, the Camel Paks, the Klean Kanteens — sink your heart a bit with a $30+ price tag. They aren’t typically something you want to purchase yourself.

Which is why, these items make the best gift.


Our fave water bottles

Contigo Luxe

16 oz double-wall stainless steel tumbler with vacuum insulation and easy clean AUTOSEAL threaded lid with locking mechanism

Contigo Luxe stainless steel tumbler


Contigo Luxe Spill-Proof

18 oz double wall 18/8 stainless steel tumbler with vacuum insulation and spill-proof lid and straw

Contigo Luxe Spill-Proof

h2go Carina

16.9 oz double wall 18/8 stainless steel thermal bottle with copper vacuum insulation, threaded stainless steel insulated lid, and powder-coated finish

h2go carina stainless steel thermal bottle with copper vaccuum insulation

h2go Lodge

16.9 oz double wall 18/8 stainless steel thermal bottle with copper vacuum insulation, threaded insulated lid, magnetic cup/lid, and powder-coated finish

h2go Lodges stainless steel thermal bottle with copper vacuum insulation


Lid imprint

The details, like a lid and bottom imprints, are not only a subtle way to add a bit more pop to the product, but they help set your water bottle apart from the competition.

Water bottle customization lid imprint


Bottom imprint

Some of our favorite customizations to work with brands on with water bottles is bottom imprints. It’s an uncommon, yet underutilized, area on the piece where brands can add that surprise and delight branded touchpoint.

Anthem Branding custom water bottle bottom imprint detail

Seamless full wrap

If your design is intended to fully wrap around the water bottle, most often than not when it’s produced, there is an annoying gap between the start and the finish of the wrap totally ruining a great design.

We want to rep your brand as best as possible, and seamless imprints can bring your design truly full circle without the interruption of a gap.


Silicone and stainless steel straws are all the rage! Many restaurants and coffee shops no longer automatically offer straws in order to to lessen the environmental impact of the item. States like California are going so far as to try and outlaw one-time use straws unless requested, taking on a $1,000 fine for offenders.


Lastly, but certainly not least, consider customizing the packaging. We can work with you to create a stunning design that contributes significantly to the unwrapping experience.

Anthem Branding custom water bottle and packaging experience


It’s never too early to get started on your holiday shopping. Connect with one of our branding experts to create an exceptional branded water bottle for your entire team!

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