Branded Items Perfect for Your Annual Staff Retreat

Posted by Riley Robinson-Higgins on Sep 9, 2019 9:14:00 AM
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Annual staff retreats are a great way to enhance company culture, improve teamwork and productivity, and help your team feel a part of something bigger. In addition to the event being fun and relaxing, they can make your employees feel connected to each other, and connected to your company.

We know that finding high-quality items that don’t come off as cheap or last-minute can feel like a grueling task, but the outcome can be great. Once you find the perfect items that align with your brand, that fit into the lives of your employees, and that serve a purpose beyond just filling up space — they can bring your annual retreat to the next level.

Branded items are useful, trendy, and give your employees the feeling of being included in something exclusive. This approach can keep employees engaged during the retreat, provide an incentive to attend, and continue the excitement after.

It’s important to create a lasting memory of the company event to foster company culture — and branded items that employees will actually like are the key to making this happen.

Here are eight examples of perfect branded items to give away on your next staff retreat.

8 branded items for your annual staff retreat

Company t-shirt

Give your staff custom made, high-quality, super comfortable, and stylish t-shirts that represent the experience of the retreat.

Outfitting your employees with shirts at the annual staff retreat can also be framed as something exclusive where each year a new design is issued, creating a sense of collectibility. Employees then wear the shirts with a feeling of nostalgia — adding to your employee retention and loyalty strategy.

Anthem company merchandise by Anthem Branding

Branded water bottle

Water bottles are not only convenient and environmentally friendly but are a functional item that your employees can use daily.

Simms custom drinkwear by Anthem Branding
Anthem custom high-quality water bottles by Anthem Branding


Branded socks are a huge accessory trend right now that your millennial employees will love. You can show off a bit more of your brand personality on a sock, get colorful and quirky — whatever makes sense for your brand.



A legit premium piece, branded hoodies can be customized every which way. Create a hoodie that truly speaks to who you are as a brand so that your employees feel connected not only to each other but to the company itself.

Obviously, a perfect item for the cooler months, but when customized well, hoodies can be a strong piece that empowers the brand to be worn inside and outside of the office.

Custom high-quality Google hoodie by Anthem Branding

Custom company branded hoodie by Anthem Branding

Company notebook

Notebooks are a clutch item to give before, during or after a retreat. They can be used throughout the retreat to take notes and write down takeaways, and used afterwards as employees bring those experiences back into the office.

Anthem custom company notebooks by Anthem Branding

Branded tote

Branded items should catch the attention of your employees not only because they are done well, but because they are presented in a unique and useful way like storing them in a branded tote for a complete experience.

Fill a branded tote with the items you choose for your retreat to minimize waste in packaging and give them a lasting, high-utility item that they can use all the time.

Custom eco-friendly tote for Ska Brewing by Anthem Branding


Customized hats can truly speak to the ethos of your brand, which is something you want your employees to truly feel part of. Loved by lifestyle brands to corporate companies, and those in between, you can never go wrong with a great looking hat.

Custom headwear styles by Anthem Branding

The cozy flannel

Comfortable and stylish, flannels can be worn during and after the retreat to stay warm while representing the best of your company. These items are especially popular with craft breweries and distilleries.

Avery Brewing custom flannel by Anthem Branding


Make the annual retreat a company event employees look forward to rather than dread. Branded items that shake up the status quo and get the conversation going are a perfect way to turn a retreat into a lasting, memorable experience.

Contact us to get started on designing the perfect items for your next employee retreat.

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