Branded Products You Need for the Fourth of July

Posted by Jordan Eckes on Jul 2, 2018 9:16:55 AM

Independence Day is fast-approaching, and your firework, barbecue filled day won't be as great without these products.


This is a must. Most of all you know that; however, I decided to make it officially known. Without a cooler on Fourth of July, you're toast - literally. With travel-sized coolers or massive coolers to fit all of your beverages your Fourth of July will be a little less steamy.



Swim Suit

Wherever you are spending your Fourth of July, there's a huge chance that it will be blazing hot. If you're smart, you'll also be by a big body of water because you know you want to cool off. Pack a swimsuit for your day for the perfect kind of cool down.

(ask if we've made any swim suits)


If you bring a swimsuit, it is essential to bring a towel. Bring a fun, funky one to add some spice to your Fourth of July.

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A koozie is the perfect accessory to your cool drink. Bring one or suffer the consequence of holding a watery can.


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Bottle Opener

Unless you want to open bottles with your teeth. It's a personal call.


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Remember when I said that you might be by a body of water if you're lucky? Well, I hope you're lucky. When you have that body of water laying around, a tube is a nice way to relax on your Fourth of July and still be cool. If you live in Boulder, bring a tube to the local Boulder Creek area and find a community of people tubing down the river. It's a hot spot during the Fourth of July.


You need a pair of sunnies on this hot day. No questions asked.


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If you are planning on spending the whole Fourth of July outside in the sun, sunscreen is an essential item to bring. Putting on sunscreen every few hours is important for your health, and can save you from feeling the burn the next day.


Whenever you need to wipe off that sweat from the sunny Fourth of July, or just look fashionable, a bandana is a must bring.


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USA themed apparel

Usually no one wants to be pinned down as the person that is about to scream "MURICA!" every five seconds. However, the Fourth of July gives you full reign to become that guy. It is the only time that you can be decked out excessively in red, white, and blue. So do it. 

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