15 Branded Summer Travel Essentials

Posted by Melissa Kovach on May 2, 2019 10:20:00 AM
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“Leaving vacation days unused has become an unfortunate national pastime,” a report by the U.S. Travel Associations begins. 


Nationally, less than half of workers — 47 percent — actually take their earned paid vacation time, the report states, which shares that those who do take the time for some R&R, are significantly happier than those who do not. 

Encourage your employees to use their paid time off this year by equipping them with branded travel items fit for any adventure. The added benefit of branding the items brings your brand wherever they go and helps further their emotional connection and loyalty to the company.

Burnout is no joke

And about two-thirds of full-time workers experience it. 

The Gallup researchers also tell us about 44 percent of those the firm surveyed (out of 7,500 people), sometimes feel burnout; 23 percent feeling burnout frequently.

Employee burnout can hinder a company’s employee retention and acquisition programs, spike the costs associated with it, as well as bump up company health care costs. Company culture and reputation is placed at risk.

“In short, employee burnout can trigger a downward spiral in individual and organizational performance,” according to Gallup researchers.

The clincher is that burnout is totally avoidable, and it all comes down to how a company manages its employees and acts upon company culture promises of well-being.

Custom branded travel essentials

3-in-1 charging cable keychain

3-in-1 charging cable keychain brown and black leather

3-in-1 charging cable keychain in computer  

Luggage tags

Brown leather luggage tag

Brown leather luggage tag on suitcase 


Dopp kit 

Brown canvas Carhartt dopp kit

Roll-up blanket

Roll-up blanket with brown leather flap
Green fleece roll-up blanket    

Self-inflating travel pillow

 Self-inflating travel pillow in cinch pouch

Self-inflating travel pillow 


Branded hardshell carry-on luggage


Eye mask

Branded eye mask and ear plugs with pouch


Water bottle

Glass water bottle with silicone wrapper

Wireless charging pad


Branded wireless charging pad 


Branded wireless headphones

  Branded wireless earbuds


Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Branded portable Bluetooth speaker

Clip-N-Go Sunscreen

Custom branded Clip-N-Go Sunscreen


Wood sunglasses 

Custom branded wood sunglasses

Custom backpacks/bags 

Custom backpacks/bags by Anthem Branding

Anthem Branding custom backpack

Food storage container  

Branded food storage container


See something that would be a perfect travel incentive for your employees and that speaks to your brand? Contact one of our branding experts today to learn more. 

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