Anthem Branding As Your Creative Agency Extension

Posted by Jacki Ognibene & Ellen Macy on Apr 30, 2019 10:03:00 AM

You’ve worked hard to research and develop your company’s next product — tweaking and perfecting its launch strategy so it’s the most successful once it hits the market.

But don’t overlook or rush or throw together the packaging. Often times, while it may sound like a small detail, it’s the first thing your consumer sees when they interact with your product and when done well, can be what inspires them to reach out, pick it up, and buy it.

If your product strategy is locked and loaded, but you can’t pull the trigger on bringing the creative aspects to life because:

  • Your internal team is maxed out or…
  • The work done so far isn’t hitting the mark or...
  • The agency you have partnered with isn’t crossing the finish line…

Whatever the reason you’re in need of some extra hands and minds, we got you.

We can help successfully craft your brand so it’s retail ready

Many creative directors and/or creative teams at retail brands like yours partner with us to help creatively conceptualize and strategically execute their consumer packaged goods strategy so it takes the market by storm.

Clients rely on and grow to depend on our approach because we view each client as a true partner, built to develop a lasting and trustworthy relationship for years to come.

Our approach is flexible and nimble 

The Anthem approach allows us to adjust to the specific and unique needs of your brand. We’re adaptable and evolve with you.

We’ve worked with brands such as Sir Bananas, Bean Smash, and Green Earth Organics — plus many more who are under NDA — in this exact capacity: To solve a retailer's specific needs by creating smart packaging that consumers gravitate toward. 

We create striking designs that communicate your brand story in impactful ways that signal a brand is retail ready and successfully unites with customers by: 

  • Working with you to pinpoint the challenge and strategically think about a creative solution that’s best for your brand.
  • Collaborate with you to set the aesthetic and develop eye-catching packaging that communicates the brand’s personality and stands out to customers.

Working together 

  • Seamless process: We align with the strategy you’ve perfected — creating brand assets that are all yours. We will send you over all the working files so your team has everything they need to hit the ground running.
  • Long-term relationship: When you partner with us, you’re not just another number. You can trust us like you would trust your employees. We take the term partner very seriously and will only ever act in your best interest. We’re nimble and flexible so we can help with a segment of your project or the entire thing.
  • We make your strategic insights come to life: Whether through creating an entire brand toolkit, visual identity, or killer packaging for your new product, we can take your insights and turn them into reality.
  • Chock full of professional, creative designers: We offer diverse design styles and a range of capabilities. We have in-house illustration abilities and are ready to jump into your project no matter the shape or size!

Anthem Branding retail packaging examples 

The work speaks for itself. Here is a line up our recent packaging work. We believe that every detail delivers an authentic branded experience to a consumer. 

Mahalo Wellness

Mahalo Wellness retail packaging system by Anthem Branding


Scarpetta Pinot Grigio retail packaging system by Anthem Branding

Frico Frizzante

Frico Frizzante retail packaging by Anthem Branding

Lone Tree Brewing

Lone Tree bottle line label system by Anthem Branding 

Lone Tree retail can label system by Anthem Branding 


Bean Smash product packaging by Anthem Branding 

Schnibs Pretzels

Schnibs Pretzels product packaging by Anthem Branding 

Jack Rabbit Beans

Jack Rabbit Beans retail packaging system by Anthem Branding

Nite Ize 

Nite Ize retail packaging system by Anthem Branding


Rachio retail packaging system by Anthem Branding

Rachio retail packaging by Anthem Branding

WD-40 Bike

WD-40 retail packaging system by Anthem Branding  

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