Show Your Support for Pride Month With These Custom Merchandise Ideas

Posted by Melissa Kovach on Apr 5, 2019 9:37:20 AM
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When it comes to forming an emotional connection with your audience consider that 55 percent of people seek to do business with brands they believe are making a positive difference in the world. 

And while it may be a challenge to showcase a feeling, custom merchandise and unique promotional products are proven key ingredients brands have found to be the most successful tactic at doing so.

Brands that work on building and fostering this powerful emotional connection are always seeking for new ways to extend a brand experience past their products and services into something greater — contributing to sustainable development by delivering economic, social, and/or environmental benefits for all who interact with that brand.

Technically known as corporate social responsibility (CSR), businesses that strive to enact positive change you may be familiar with include Patagonia, Google, TOMS or Starbucks, for example.

Doing good in the business sense can include activities like, according to the Digital Marketing Institute: 

  • Reducing carbon footprints
  • Improving labor policies
  • Participating in fairtrade
  • Charitable giving
  • Volunteering in the company
  • Corporate policies that benefit the environment
  • Socially and environmentally conscious investments

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Pride Month

Socially conscious holidays such as Pride Month are one of many annual events that brands choose to rally behind as it aligns with the brand’s ethos, and is a cause their target audience identifies with.

Pride Month is an annual celebration each June in honor of the 1969 Manhattan Stonewall Riots. The riots are known as the pivotal point in the U.S. Gay Liberation movement.

Brands symbolically display support for the LGBTQ community by launching a custom Pride apparel line, hosting special events, participating in parades, and/or having limited edition merchandise.

These are all ways in which businesses can tangibly showcase their support of the event while creating a community-style connecting with their customers and building an emotional association with their target audience beyond their products and services. 

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Custom branded merchandise and promotional product ideas for Pride Month

If you can think of it, we can more likely make it happen. The sky is truly the limit, but we do know that sometimes to get the wheels churning a few starter ideas help. Here are a few Pride-focused projects we’ve worked on in the past, along with a few other ideas that fit the bill.

Custom headwear: rainbow patch trucker hat 

NYC-based fitness company SoulCycle partnered with Anthem to produce a line of custom headwear specifically styled for Pride Month. 

SoulCycle custom headwear by Anthem Branding


SoulCycle custom headwear by Anthem Branding


SoulCycle custom Pride headwear by Anthem Branding


SoulCycle custom headwear by Anthem Branding

Details that make this custom merchandise line truly stand out include:

  • Accent stitching
  • Distressed brim
  • Sewn down stripes
  • Mesh back
  • Rainbow-colored embroidered front panel patchwork
  • Branded Pride flag on the back label

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Custom apparel

We worked with Amelie Company, a Denver-based marketing and advertising firm, to produce custom t-shirts, tanks, and headwear for one of their clients, PrEP. 

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a collaborative project of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Project Inform, Be The Generation, Gilead Sciences, and other local agencies to promote HIV prevention strategies.

Unique promotional product ideas

  • Hip packs: If you’re hosting or participating in an event, handing out or selling branded Pride hip packs (aka fanny packs) are a great way to showcase your brand while offering a useful item for your audience to carry around throughout the entire event — exposing your brand anywhere they go.
  • Water bottles and tumblers: Don’t overlook these good ol’ standby items. A well-made water bottle or insulated tumbler can become your audience and customer’s go-to choice to stay hydrated, using it throughout any Pride event or celebration you may have planned and well after.
  • Enamel pins: Start custom Pride collections that can be released each year to pin on a hat brim, a jean jacket, or a backpack. Enamel pins are another set of promotional items that are akin to being like a walking billboard for your brand.
  • Blankets: Outdoor, adventure, and luxury brands have been lining up to order quality premium branded blankets to showcase their business. Highly use-able, there is a lot of real estate on a blanket to strategically place messaging and display your company logo.
  • Hoodies, vests, and jackets: Who doesn’t love a well-made hoodie or jacket packed with subtle details that surprise and delight? With techniques like state-of-the-art screen printing and embroidery stitching, private label hoodies, vests, and jackets are highly sought after by brands like Dangerous Man Brewing, Avery Brewing, SRAM, and Google. Get your line in a butter wash for that extra soft feel and leave your audience literally feeling the Pride.

Have an idea for Pride merchandise, apparel, or promotional products? 

Again, these ideas are just to get your gears turning. Drop a line to one of our brand experts to see what we can help you out with and with plenty of time for Pride Month!

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