Custom Packaging Design: Wrap Each Package in the Ethos of Your Brand

Posted by Anna Sork on Jun 20, 2017 7:02:00 AM
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Whether you're fulfilling an order shipment or courting clients with promotional merchandise, give your recipients the gift of experiencing your unique brand from the moment they lay eyes on their delivery. From branded mailers, to custom tissue paper, and more, every detail of your custom packaging can be used as a powerful, tactile tool to create an emotional connection with your audience and tell a cohesive brand story.

Next time you mail out a package in association with your brand, don't let generic, brown cardboard packaging devalue the quality of the product inside. Instead, make a lasting impression by surprising-and-delighting your recipients as they unwrap each piece. Here are 6 opportunities to introduce the ethos and the quality of your brand with beautiful custom packaging design. 


1. Mailer

First impressions are key. Take advantage of the opportunity to make an impact right off the bat by designing a unique mailer to wrap your package in, that will distinguish your gift from the rest of the deliveries your recipients receive.


2. Package (Exterior)

Create an engaging package design that showcases the quality and thoughtfulness of your brand, while enticing your recipients to open it up to see what's inside.


3. Package (Interior)

Use the extra real estate presented in the interior of the box (or bag, etc.) to amplify your brand's message with impactful messaging and eye-catching visuals. 


4. Tissue Paper & Sticker

Well-designed added touches, such as tissue paper and stickers, can be incorporated to create an authentic branded experience. Rather than throwing your logo on every detail, work with graphic designers to design subtle, yet impactful additions to reinforce your branding.


5. Marketing Collateral

Include a one-sheet on your company's value proposition, or a handwritten note on branded stationary to reinforce your cohesive branding while communicating the purpose of the gift. 


6. Merchandise

Now, the gifting experience is amplified when the recipient unwraps the essence of the package dawning designs that are consistent with the entire cohesive package to make the biggest emotional impact. 


So, ditch the generic, low quality brand-less packaging and partner with us to create an emotional experience with impactful custom packaging design.

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