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Posted by Riley Robinson-Higgins on Jun 18, 2019 8:15:00 AM
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This is part one of a three part series! Stay tuned for parts two and three of everything you need to know about the new trend taking the industry by storm: kits. 

Think about a time in which you received an item from an employer that you use or wear to this day. I bet that item isn’t something that you can just find anywhere — it’s useful or wearable or both, and definitely high-quality. It may even have some sentimental value to you.

When thinking of unique ways to tell your employees they are truly valued by the company, putting together a stellar employee appreciation kit can be just the trick.

Your employees are the ambassadors of your company and your brand

Studies have shown it is extremely important to show employees how much they are appreciated.

Forgo handing out the status quo swag and fill the experience with surprise and delight items that send a branded message. When done right, you will see wonders done to raise engagement, morale, and give employees even more reason to stay devoted to the company.

Employee appreciation kits

What is an employee appreciation kit you may ask?

A kit can be any combination of items that have been thoughtfully put together in an effective way to build brand connection with a specific target audience or simply to celebrate a holiday, event or milestone.

Whether it be for a national holiday, birthday, employee anniversary, company event or just a rainy day in April, a custom branded gift kit can make those on the receiving end feel appreciated and valued through the level of personalization these kits can have.

The perfect way to customize without all the hassle

There are many great reasons custom branded kits, like employee appreciation kits, go above and beyond. One of these is the fact that they are a perfect way to reach many different people who are interested in different things without the headache of working with multiple vendors to curate the items.

Employee appreciation kits are not only a great way to build an emotional connection between employees and the brand, but when you work with Anthem Branding to curate these experiences, you can centralize the process.

With us at your side, you can trust us to:

  • Ideate unique custom items that translate the ethos of your brand
  • Add surprise and delight touch points from the way the items are packaged to how they are presented
  • Manage production, sampling, and quality assurance
  • Coordinate assembly, delivery, and every detail in between

There is never a bad time to show and tell employees they are appreciated

There doesn’t need to be a special event or specific time to show employees how much they are appreciated. Here are a few ideas of great opportunities to appreciate employees to get you thinking:

New hire event kit

Some essentials of employee on-boarding such as a notebook, water bottle, planner, and some company merchandise can make them feel like a part of the team right when they walk in the door! 

New employee welcome kit by Anthem Branding


Seasonal kits

Summer or winter, make sure your employees are ready for anything. In the middle of summer, surprise your employees with a summer gift kit filled with hats, sunglasses, totes, sun shields… you name it!

During the winter when your employees may just need that last little boost to get through the end of the year, give them winter essentials like tumblers, hoodies, beanies, blankets, and vests!

Custom merchandise seasonal kits by Anthem Branding

Wellness week

Mental and physical health is important, and becoming more and more of a priority for companies to promote. Use a kit with items such as exercise equipment, performance socks, a branded journal, and much more to show your employees that their wellness is a priority.

Custom wellness gift kit for employees by Anthem Branding


Employee milestones

Congratulate your employees and thank them for their dedication through a custom curated kit including a premium hoodie, high-quality backpack, a branded appreciation jar filled with notes from colleagues, and more.

Employee appreciation kit by Anthem Branding

Company milestones

If your company has an event or hits an exciting milestone, keep the excitement going with giving pre or post event kits with branded shot glasses, koozies, pins, hats, shirts, and more to solidify the memory and boost morale!

Custom merchandise kit for House of Blues by Anthem Branding

The “just because” kit

Surprise and delight your employees, just out of the goodness in your heart to show your appreciation. Give them a nice pair of headphones, a high-quality backpack, a durable mug, and whatever else you think they might need to feel the appreciation you have for them.


Branded kit for employee appreciation by Anthem Branding


Kits of any kind, when done well, can be a one-stop-shop to showing genuine appreciation and attention to an ongoing emotionally connected relationship with your employees without any hassle on either end!

When done right, you will see wonders done to raise engagement, morale, and give employees even more reason to stay devoted to *your* company. SPEAK TO A BRANDING EXPERT! 

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