Employee Spotlight: Ellen Macy

Posted by Jordan Eckes on Sep 17, 2018 3:23:34 PM

Meet Ellen Macy. Ellen cultivates brand designs, visual identity, and retail packaging products as a Brand Strategist here at Anthem Branding, all the while staying genuine and grounded. 

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 Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: I love so many things about my job. The first definitely being the people. I have been lucky enough to have worked alongside some truly talented, inspirational, and exceptionally kind people. I have met some of my closest and dearest friends from working at Anthem Branding. Secondly, I absolutely love the variety in the day-to-day; becoming an expert on different types of companies never gets old, and keeps my daily responsibilities fresh and exciting.

Brand Strategist Ellen Macy and Anthem Branding co-workersCreatives at Anthem Branding

 Q: Who had the most influence over you?

A: My grandmother, Glenda. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis early on in life and lost the ability to walk after her diagnosis. Throughout all of this, she has remained the most positive, strong, and resilient person I know. She's taught me that no challenge is too big and to not let our circumstances dictate who you are.

Ellen Macy of Anthem Branding and her grandma








Q: What color best represents your personality and how does that color make you feel?

A: Navy blue is my favorite color, and based on a "psychology of color" article, this apparently means I'm serene, trustworthy, and loyal. We'll just go with that ;-)

Q: How would your best friends or family describe you in three words?

A: I asked some of the people closest to me and they said: empathetic, genuine, and sweet.

Q: What is your favorite activity to do locally and why?

A: My family and I have made a bit of a tradition of walking around Wonderland Lake (in North Boulder) on the weekends with our pups - ending the morning by sitting outside with a yummy chai from Logan's Cafe.

 Brand Strategist at Anthem Branding Ellen Macy's dog

Q: What is your favorite local restaurant?

A: I'm a sucker for Mexican food, and I think T/ACO hands down has the best tacos in town. Delicious margaritas, yummy queso, and tasty tacos - you can't go wrong.

Q: Best concert you have ever attended?

A: I got invited to see Eric Hutchinson perform in someone's living room in a Superior suburb (I guess the owner of the house was buddies with someone he knows?). It was pretty cool to witness a performance like that in such an intimate setting. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Q: Favorite Netflix show to binge watch?

A: My fiancé and I binge watch The Office to a fault. So much so that we are missing out on all of the other awesome shows on TV because we just keep re-watching it. It's just too good!

Michael Scott is one of Anthem Branding's Ellen Macy's favorite characters 

Q: Where's your favorite place in the world?

A: I studied abroad in Italy, so Florence will always hold a special place in my heart. There's not a day that goes by where I don't miss the amazing food, wine, and history of that beautiful city.

Anthem Branding's Ellen Macy holds Italy close to her heart 

Ellen Macy, Brand Strategist at Anthem Branding visits Italy

 Q: Secret talent?

A: Not sure this qualifies as a talent, but my fiancé and I have become quite obsessed with cooking through cookbooks. It's such a fun challenge to experiment with new recipes and try foods that we wouldn't normally eat. It gets us out of our comfort zone and has become a really fun activity to do together. So far, we've cooked through all of "Plenty" by Yotam Ottolenghi and are almost done with his second book, "Plenty More."


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