Employee Spotlight: Rachel Mizzo

Posted by Riley Robinson-Higgins on Oct 21, 2019 7:44:00 AM
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Meet Rachel Mizzo, one of Anthem's Account Managers, featured this week in our Employee Spotlight series.

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Q: Please give me a description of what your position entails at Anthem Branding.

A: The formal title of my role at Anthem Branding is Account Manager. My day-to-day consists of managing my book of clients, creating pricing presentations, writing up orders, communicating with overseas production, directing designers on updates -- the list goes on and on.

Every day is different but that’s what makes my role exciting!

What is your favorite part of your job?

My absolute favorite part of my job is seeing something you’ve worked so hard on come to life! The best is when a client has a vision and you are able to execute it and turn it into a reality.

Who had the most influence over you?

My mom has had the most influence over me. She’s always held everything together. She's a full time working mother with a killer career but always seems to have time for everyone else. I admire her time management and drive. She has also always been my biggest supporter!

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What color best represents your personality and how does that color make you feel?

I don’t feel that one color represents me. It totally depends on my mood!

How would your best friends or family describe you in three words?

Loyal, thoughtful, and adventurous

What is your favorite activity to do locally and why?

I’m still exploring Denver, I’ve lived here a year now but there is so much to see! Mitch, my boyfriend, and I go out to eat often, we like to try new spots and be out and about. We often ride scooters wherever we go!

We also have a new puppy that we spend a majority of our time with. Anywhere dogs are allowed she comes!

Anthem Branding Employee Spotlight: Rachel Mizzo

What is your favorite local restaurant?

Park & Co in Uptown!

Best concert you have ever attended?


Where’s your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place in the whole world would honestly probably be at home. I’ve traveled all over but there’s nothing like being home.

My favorite travel destination is definitely Bali, Indonesia. Best sunsets I’ve ever seen!

Anthem Branding Employee Spotlight: Rachel Mizzo

Favorite podcast?

Not huge into podcasts, so I’ll give you my favorite movie- the original Alice in Wonderland (1951).

Secret talent?

I remember everything. It’s a running joke in my family that I have the mind of an elephant. A stranger could tell me their birthday and I’ll remember it for life. Weird, I know!

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