Examples of Employee Recognition Awards

Posted by Anna Sork on Nov 20, 2017 10:38:57 AM
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Employees feel appreciated when recognized for their excellent work at an organization. Employee recognition shows that the company values the contributions of each employee towards the company’s success, and fosters motivation and creativity from the entire team.

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Employee Recognition Awards Examples

Employee of the Year 

Whether you call this type of recognition at work Employee of the Year, Outstanding Performer Award, the type of employee recognition tends to be awarded to an individual who has gone above-and-beyond.

The Employee of the Year delivers exemplary, quality work throughout the year and is an expert in their area of knowledge and experience.

To qualify, the employee needs to be enthusiastic, responsible, punctual, and dependable.

Recognize the Employee of the Year with exclusive giveaways for their notable contribution to the whole organization.

Management and Leadership

Recognition awards should be given to managers who have shown extraordinary leadership in their departments.

Additionally, reward these managers who have lead their teams to achieve a significant goal and/or have tirelessly worked to achieve company initiatives.

A manager with such top guidance of the organization to meet intended company goals deserves something special to show that his or her efforts are admirable and greatly appreciated.

The recipient of this award also possesses skills such as diversity, excellence, respect, and innovation.

Customer Service Award

The customer service team assists customers, handles difficult issues, answers all inquiries and strives to keep customers satisfied.

Reward the employee with the best track of conflict resolution with customers, and the highest positive customer feedback.

Give unique promotional products such as a high-end lifestyle vest or performance jacket for outstanding leadership in customer service, demonstration of respect and courtesy to customers, best quality of work, proactive communication, and orders processed. 

Tenure Recognition

Employee recognition based on the years of service with the company is very motivating to new employees and can do wonders for your retention rates.

Employees who have put in years of time and dedication appreciate the company for acknowledging the services rendered.

This type of award helps reduce turnover in the organization since employees are motivated to reach such career milestones.

Offer recognition awards to employees with five, 10 or even 25 years of service to motivate your staff.

Sales Award

It is vital for your firm to recognize the team that drives revenue and fosters new relationships.

Monthly, quarterly or annually (or all three!) recognition awards can motivate sales teams and taps into their friendly competitive character traits. 

Offer items that make these employees feel motivated like a custom backpack or wireless headphones to the sales team for attaining target revenue, customer retention, new business acquisitions, expansion in a new market or penetration into a new demographic. 

Choose items that are useful in the workplace, highly visible, and that the employee will use outside of the office.

Health and Safety Award 

Safety practices are essential for any organization.

Offer branded incentives such as limited edition headwear and/or private label apparel items to the team that maintains a higher standard of safety for the entire company.

Safety awards send a strong message to staff on the importance of practicing a safe workplace, keeps procedures and policies top-of-mind, and shows that the company cares about the welfare of the employees.

Retirement Award

A retirement reward shows respect, appreciation, and value of the individual to your company.

An employee who has tirelessly dedicated their effort for over 30 years in the business deserves a proper send off.

Higher value giveaway items can be used to recognize the years of work accomplished by the individual such as leather travel gear, plush blankets, items that encourage/supplement the employee's outside-of-work hobbies.

IT Department and Innovation Awards

With the rise of tech and SaaS companies, brands are increasingly seeking out ways to acknowledge stellar developers, engineers, and IT technicians. Offer rewards for employees who bring a high-level of innovation, commitment, and dedication to the company.

Items like custom hoodies, wireless phone charing pads, and headwear are popular with our tech clients because they are both useful and connect with employee because they are a nod at their profession. They're also very useful! 

Employee Recognition Builds a Lasting Emotional Connection

Recognizing your team members' accomplishments by rewarding them with branded gifts will motivate employees to build lasting connection and commitment to your organization.

Implement these examples to reduce turnover and build a strong work culture that shows how much you value your team. 

Reach out to one of our brand experts to explore the best options for your company.

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