4 Ways to Establish Brand Longevity

Posted by Riley Robinson-Higgins on Sep 23, 2019 8:01:00 AM
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Success comes first by cutting through the market noise to establish yourself as an industry leader, but how do you keep that status to stand the test of time?

That’s where brand longevity comes in — it is the pathway to sustaining business growth over time. It has to do with strategic marketing, establishing loyalty, and building an emotional connection that can evolve and scale your brand over time.

4 ways to develop brand longevity

Emotional connection

In today’s business world and with so many brands competing in the same space, consumers are looking for something beyond products and services — they want an authentic, sentimental, and emotional connection.

Emotional connection is driven by providing a brand experience that gives your customers a feeling of belonging, shared beliefs and values, and being part of a community.

Yeti Cycles Anthem Branding Custom Merchandise

If you create a positive brand experience, customers and fans will begin to positively associate your brand and come back time and time again for more.

Use marketing strategies like hosting events and selling exclusive or limited edition custom merchandise taps into that part of their sense of community and belonging.

When designed specifically for your target audience and aligned with your brand, custom merchandise can foster an emotional connection that stands the test of time every time.

Consistent image

The trick to sustaining that emotional connection is constantly evolving with your customers wants and needs in addition to market changes, but at the same time making sure to stick to the values you established at the beginning and delivering a consistent brand image that customers become loyal to.

When you think of century-old brands like Coca-Cola or The New York Times, customers or fans likely have an emotional response as they know what the companies do, what their promise is, and what kind of image they portray to the public.

Coca-Cola has been able to establish longevity through creating a brand lifestyle by selling “happiness” over selling products, which has maintained positive associations over time. While Coca-Cola sells happiness, The New York Times sells intelligence — they sell status in the form of reputable knowledge, they sell a lifestyle that consumers can be a part of.

Brand lifestyle example

Creating a brand lifestyle is a way to let people truly feel a part of your brand beyond a buyer-supplier relationship, letting your brand maintain relevancy.

Cohesive brand experience

Emotional reaction and connection come from the way these companies have cohesively branded themselves —strategically aligning custom merchandise and product as well as brand identity in a way that it shows and tells a brand’s story.

Give your customers a pathway to be a part of everything you have to offer with customized items that show who you are inside and out.

Custom high-quality Google hoodie by Anthem Branding
Custom Google ball by Anthem Branding
Custom Google koozie by Anthem Branding

Google created a cohesive brand identity through the use of custom merchandise such as hoodies, koozies, and soccer balls to actively engage people in their fun, active, and innovative personality.

Speak the language of your loyal customers

Businesses now need to find authentic ways to translate the ethos of their brand that speaks to their customers.

Today customers are able to see through marketing fluff that appears to just be promotional and transactional, which is why many people are moving away from traditional advertising strategies and into the field of creating brand experiences.

Custom merchandise is a good way to uniquely and authentically reach them beyond traditional advertising that truly speaks their language.

Custom hat and jersey for SRAM by Anthem Branding

Through the use of custom merchandise, your brand can create longevity rooted in emotional connection that sticks with people throughout time.

Connect with us to create a custom merchandise program that can boost your marketing strategy and help you become a meaningful, lasting brand.

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