Fun Workplace Holidays to Celebrate With Your Employees in 2020

Posted by Graciela Robertson on Mar 1, 2019 11:39:08 AM
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For the first time ever, the workplace is composed of multiple generations: the traditionalists, the baby boomers, Gen X, and an infiltration of younger millennials, all working alongside across a large spectrum of industries. So, maintaining an inclusive company culture is more important than ever.

According to a survey by specialty recruitment firms, Accounting Principals and Ajilon revealed that 14 percent of workers admit that company culture will push them to accept another job offer. A survey by Robert Half, a global staffing firm, stated that 91 percent of U.S. hiring managers said that cultural fit is “more important than experience or skills.”

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How can you make your company more inclusive of generational differences?

Consider the multifaceted touch points that influence your employees' entire experience, from recruiting and hiring to promotion and recognition with your company, and try your best to improve all of them.

Workplace holidays are a great way to improve the employee experience, whether an employee may be brand new or a seasoned veteran. 

4 Fun Holiday Ideas To Consider Adding To The Company Calendar

World Compliment Day, March 1

Appreciation jar by Anthem BrandingTake your office appreciation jar one step further with an entire compliment wall on March 1. The week leading up the holiday, ask employees to write appreciations for their co-workers on sticky notes. Instead of adding to a jar, post openly on an exposed wall in the office for all to see.

On the big day, take some time out of the workday for all of your employees to come together and read the appreciation notes aloud. Leave the sticky notes on the wall up for a few days so every day when your employees are walking by they feel appreciated and valued by their co-workers and the company.Post it wall by Google images




International Women’s Day, March 8

Don’t forget to say thank you to all the women that help keep your business afloat. Even the slightest appreciation and gesture could go a lot further than you may think. Try ordering an office lunch, or a special dessert to recognize all of their hard work. Consider a ladies happy hour or an office outing to a spa or a place of their choosing, on the house.

Lookalike Day, April 20

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Is there someone in your office that is known as a “mini-me?” Or is there a running joke that person X looks and acts like person Y? Push the joke even further and perhaps chose one person in the office that everyone can dress up as. Let this day be a more casual and fun Halloween for all of your employees to take part in.

Leave the Office Early Day, June 3

It’s pretty self-explanatory why your employees would appreciate this one. Give them a half-day to go and enjoy the summer!

International Coffee Day, October 1

Give your office a morning makeover and convert the kitchen to a small coffee wet bar. Coffee bar by UnsplashOrder local doughnuts, have a variety of local coffee beans for all to try, and get employees involved by brewing the coffee in different ways!

This is a fun celebration that will leave employees buzzed for the day and also creates a sense of community and workforce bonding.

Get some insulated branded coffee mugs for employees to leave the event with. Issue a new one each year to get a collection going. You can never have enough travel mugs!

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Food Holidays To Mark On Your Calendars

Enjoy a food-based holiday with all of your employees, because everyone loves free food!

National Cheeseburger Day, September 18

Have a local burger joint cater lunch for the office in the name of National Cheeseburger Day! If you’re looking to ramp up employee bonding and you have space (and permission), consider a cheeseburger cook-off competition. Fire up the grills, get some jams on, and take a longer lunch to see who makes the best cheeseburger in the office.

National Waffle Day, August 24

Did someone say chicken and waffles? Get the waffles catered from a local restaurant or turn into a DIY-style competition.

Leadership can also take this holiday to serve their employees a sweet breakfast and do all cooking! Have employees bring in their favorite toppings and syrup flavors for an even more interactive experience.

Chocolate Chip Day, May 15

Nothing solves the mid-day work slump like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven! Have groups of employees bake different varieties in shifts throughout the day if you have a full functioning kitchen. If not, ask employees to bake their faves at home to bring into the office.

World Kindness Day, November 13

Take the day to volunteer with some of your employees. Give back to a local nonprofit organization in your community that shares similar core values with your company. Volunteering gives your employees a way to connect over a new and shared experience. 

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Invest In Company Culture Today

Provide your employees with a company culture that nurtures them and fosters ongoing growth. After all, they deserve the opportunity to be a proud brand advocate.

Any and all of these holidays can always be made even better with custom merchandise that employees can collect and proudly wear or use to remember their shared experiences and team bonding.

Company holidays, especially if you take the time to find ones that resonate with your employees, are an excellent way to build that lasting emotional connection with your workforce to keep them happy, satisfied, and productive.

Connect with one of our brand experts to get the hook-up on custom merchandise and unique promotional items for your company holiday line-up!


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