Getting Down & Dirty with Thorne Nature Experience

Posted by Jordan Eckes on Jul 26, 2018 5:00:38 PM

Anthem Branding has worked with Thorne Nature Experience to create pamphlets, refresh logos, and produce custom apparel fit for their environmentally based non-profit organization. This past week, the Anthem Branding team decided to give back and volunteer at Thorne to show our appreciation towards our clients, community and the outdoors.


Thorne Nature Experience

Thorne Nature Experience is a non-profit organization that focuses on ecological and environmental research. Although there is a lot of research done in their facility in South Boulder and Littleton, most of their efforts are focused on children enjoying, nurturing, and learning about nature through summer camps or field trips. Research has shown that most kids learn skills like leadership, cooperation, curiosity, and empathy more naturally when interacting with nature. Thorne Nature Experience tries to harness that kind of knowledge and implement educational, but fun-filled stations for kids to interact with.

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If you're feeling like you're missing out - Thorne Nature Experience isn't just for kids. There are family-oriented events that draw in people of all ages. Most of the events are held at the Sombrero Marsh in Boulder or the Kassler Center in Littleton. Free festivals in the fall and spring are put on with all kinds of singing, dancing, marsh tours, crafts, and nature-themed arts. Other events like parent and child camping are hosted by Thorne Nature Experience for families to fully immerse into nature with the help of Thorne Nature guides.
















Anthem Branding Team

The Anthem Branding team spent time at Thorne Nature Experience to work in some of the fields, pulling weeds and grass in the summer sun. Trees were given more space to grow and air to breathe when we were done weeding. On top of taming their landscape, we helped input data of their past research and took pictures of the City of Boulder Junior Rangers that were learning about biology and trail restoration that day. 

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On top of all the things we accomplished at Thorne Nature Experience, we got to meet the founder, Dr. Oakleigh Thorne II. From a very young age, Oak fell in love with nature and found respect for the Earth. When we met him, he was humble and appreciative to talk to us. Although we didn't chat long, it was easy to see how Thorne has become so successful. With the help of Oak and all of their amazing staff - directors, marketers, program coordinators, and educators, they have built an organization from the roots up, nurturing and growing the organization on a volunteer basis. The Anthem Branding team was more than happy to give their support to aide in the growth of Thorne Nature Experience. Our company culture supports the effort to make connections and build community, and we support Thorne Nature Experience to connect kids to nature. 

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