Go Custom With Premium Products for Your Next Corporate Incentive Event

Posted by Melissa Kovach on Oct 2, 2019 8:33:00 AM
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Employers are seeking tangible ways to build employee relationships, ensure inclusion, and create an engaging company culture through the use of incentive events. Studies have found more and more employers are leveraging this event tactic as part of their employee experience strategy.

What is an incentive event?

You may have heard about incentive events called incentive programs or incentive trips. They’re all the same idea: Company planned events designed to motivate employees to reach a sales or growth goal, for example.

There are no hard and fast rules for what an incentive event should look like or segments of employees it can be designed for. Incentive events can simply be framed to reward high performing employees, bring all company employees who may work in different offices together, etc.

Incentive event challenges

Corporate meeting planners are faced with a ton of challenges when it comes to incentive events, which often have higher stakes than most other company events due to the amount of time and money that goes into each, including:

  • Tight deadlines
  • Staying on theme
  • Crafting a fresh, new, out-of-the-box experience while achieving business goals
  • Staying on budget
  • Showing the results of the event to the business

Keep each experience unique and memorable with high-end premium products

No matter what great destination you have in mind, we can work with you to curate a collection for every incentive event you have planned — each with their own look and feel, elevated premiums, and subtle, classy branding.

To help combat the challenge that corporate meeting planners face when trying to keep things fresh every event is leveraging non-cash rewards like unique promotional products, private label apparel, and company merchandise.

Rather than sourcing premiums through retail, our team helps to customize a collection of apparel and products that speak to the theme of the event in a way that your competitors wouldn’t be taking advantage of, too, as you wouldn’t all be drawing from the same bucket.

Premiums provided before, during, and after the event help keep morale high. We can help coordinate hotel room drops multiple times a day or drops at any location you’re hosting the event and complete the experience by having items waiting for the employee on their desk when they return.

Our team will work with you to determine what gets your employees jazzed, what may not do that, and learn the goals of the event to produce items that are going to hit the mark.

For creative concepting and branded event themes, our creative team can help

Our branding experts work hand-in-hand with many organizations to build an event concept and theme so all touchpoints remain consistent and on-brand while packing in the surprise and delight touchpoints that are going to make the event memorable.

Event communication, signage, branded photo backdrops, and more — crafting a unified approach will help employees connect the dots to the bigger story the company is trying to tell: Employees are valued.

We can’t measure emotion with data. However, to get a sense of impact, take in reactions, listen to what employees saying to each other in passing or during any planned sessions, observe what employees post on their social channels with an event hashtag — are valid empirical ways to see if the event is resonating or not.

For incentive events, go custom

You're likely investing a good portion of the annual event budget on executing incentive events, so don’t skimp out on the premiums — remember that these are the items that are going to help the event live on well beyond it’s finished date. They are the items that are going to help your employees recall the experience and strengthen their emotional connection with the company.

Don’t settle with the regular, try to shake things up. You may have a vendor that is locked and loaded to do your everyday merchandise like pens or tees, but with our well-rounded capabilities, we can fill that gap you experience when trying to bring things up a notch with all things custom.

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