The Brand Solution that Adventure Companies have Mastered

Posted by Graciela Robertson on Aug 1, 2018 9:38:51 AM
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Adventure Companies Strategy: 


Brand solutions offer a strategic technique that gives a brand a major edge to their competition. Each brand must cut through the market and create their own solution to customers, clients, and society. Depending on the brands service or expertise, their solution changes. When referring to adventure companies imagine companies that give their customers an experience, customers pay for their services in order to be guided along the most epic adventure. 

Raven's Rim and their Strategy: 

Raven's Rim Zip Line Adventure is an adventure experience in Moab, Utah. Launched in 2013, Raven's Rim is the largest land-to-land Zip Line in the United States. The zip line serves up some amazing views of Moab's red rocks, the peaks of La Sal, and the canyon of the Colorado River. 

Memorable Experience

Raven's Rim Brand Ethos & Brand Identity: 

Adventure companies such as Raven's Rim offer their customers the experience of a lifetime, and as an adventure company, they position themselves as a brand that allows for their customers to create emotional and memorable experiences with their products and services. Creating emotional connections with their customers is a trustworthy attribute that is reflected in their brand ethos and brand identity. 

Raven's Rim Olive Green Hat Revolution beer sling: by Anthem Branding

Take Home Memories: 

One marketing solution that adventure companies seemed to have mastered is the concept of being able to take the memories home with you. Raven's Rim and other adventure companies can further relationships and extend that experience of a lifetime by creating high quality branded merchandise for their customers. Custom branded gear or branded merchandise serve as a tangible form and memory of the customers' experience

Raven's Orange Mesh Hat Revolution beer sling: by Anthem Branding

Brand Awareness

Promotional products and custom apparel allow for sustainable marketing for your business. They serve as their own communication outlet for potential customers, and also create brand awareness. Adventure companies create unforgettable experiences, and amazing branded merchandise allows customers to keep that experience near and dear to their hearts (or heads!).

To grow your adventure business, it's important to provide quality experiences and quality branded merchandise that allows the customer to bring the memory of your product or service home.   

Raven's Rim Olive Green Mesh Hate Revolution beer sling: by Anthem Branding

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