How Anthem Can Be Your Strategic Brand Partner

Posted by Ted Church on Apr 17, 2019 8:02:00 AM
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Often times, large retail and CPG brands, agencies, and corporations have deep expertise in sales, marketing, product, production and merchandising, but are limited both in terms of people resources and/or bandwidth, when it comes to designing soft goods like custom merchandise and apparel as well as creative communication and brand identity. 

And when brands extend themselves in a visually cohesive way using tangible goods, they open up a new revenue stream and become a profit center — both favorable for the overall bottom line. Yet many brands don’t know who to partner with, often missing out on a lucrative growth opportunity.

Perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of partnering with Anthem Branding is in our integrated and holistic strategic approach in creating creative tactile-advertising brand experiences.

We do a deep dive with our clients — each one of them — to help interpret their vision and build a strong brand position around that. We truly work to understand the brand, it’s aesthetic, the target audience, it’s main objectives, and the ethos of the brand.

It’s these details that help us get as close to your brand as possible and enables us to be a trusted extension of it  designing and producing custom merchandise that aligns to your brand as if we were right there with you at your company.

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We help companies in this way most commonly with: 

  • Overflow work either during a busy time of year or holiday season
  • Building out brand concepts and bringing them to life
  • Extension of an internal design team
  • Scaling branding and custom merch programs
  • Annual conference shows or big fundraising events

When companies work with us this way, it’s often the most impactful for their brand. Not only do they get access to our creative services to ensure their brand identity and visual system speaks the brand’s voice and tells its story, but they can then easily extend it further in custom merchandise.

Our network and deep connections with the production process, suppliers, and manufacturers take a whole lot of leg work out of the equation for you so you can get back to growing the business. Take comfort in knowing that you have a team of experts here that have your back and will be just as integrated into your brand as any of your full-time employees.

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