How These Companies are Using Experiential Marketing to Leverage their Brands

Posted by Daniela Baldwin on Jun 19, 2018 11:36:35 AM
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The world of marketing is becoming less about targeted advertisements through social media and traditional television advertisements. Now that consumers have access to advertisement blockers or pulling the cord on television all together, the way marketers connect with consumers is changing dramatically. Marketers are now focusing on connecting with consumers through real life experiences. 


Experiential marketing is typically when a brand hosts an event in a creative way in order to sell a product or service while also providing the consumer with a unique experience. This leads to direct integration of the consumer with the product. Experiential marketing is rising in popularity for its ability to cultivate buzz around a brand and its ability to generate revenue and ROI. 

If your marketing strategy is outdated and not reaching the consumer base that will grow your business, it is time to consider an experiential marketing campaign..

Here are some of the best experiential marketing campaigns we've seen...

Red Bull: World Record Free Fall 

Red Bull has executed a number of marketing campaigns featuring extreme sports, but no one was prepared for this. The energy drink made it possible for Felix Baumgartner to skydive from the highest elevation yet, breaking a world record. Not only was this captured on video for the whole world to see, but it also gave Red Bull massive amounts of media attention. 

maxresdefaultimage source: youtube 

7-11 Simpsons Campaign 

The Simpsons franchise teamed up with select 7-11 store locations across the United States in order to promote the new Simpsons Movie. These stores were given a makeover to appear exactly like Kwik-E-Mart, the liquor store in the Simpsons television show. Fans of the show flocked to these locations as soon as the news broke, which excited them for the upcoming movie being released.  


photo source: Ad Age

Refinery 29: 29 Rooms 

This experiential marketing campaign has become so successful that it is now an annual event. Refinery 29, an online media company partnered with New York Fashion Week to create 29 rooms. This event is described as "29Rooms blurs the lines between an art exhibition, a fun house, and a choose your own adventure novel,". Each room features an interactive art installation that represents what is happening in pop culture, world news, or social issues. Not only has the event sold out every year, but it has also created extreme brand awareness for Refinery 29. 887506030

As a brand in a competitive marketplace, experiential marketing is a non traditional approach to connecting with your consumers that can seriously help elevate your business. 

If you are thinking of creating an experiential marketing experience...


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