How These Wine Brands Are Standing Apart from their Competition

Posted by Daniela Baldwin on Jun 12, 2018 4:37:09 PM
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The wine industry is an intense market with numerous competitors for brands and an overwhelming amount of options for consumers. When owning a wine label, it is important that you connect with your target consumer, making them reach for your bottle immediately.


Before tasting your wine, they will see your bottle, which is why packaging design is so important! A quality label should resonate directly with the wine buyer in order to  spark that initial interest in your product.  

These wine brands are leading by example and are standing out in their industry for their unique brand identities and packaging that showcase the quality of their wine. 


Aimed squarely at millennials and adventurous wine drinkers, this wine label showcases affordability and a fun spirit with a whimsical illustration, racing stripe, and pastel colors.




Viewpoint Wines 

Viewpoint is passionate about making small batches of wine that highlight the fruit and the land where it is grown. These clean and modern labels describe the composition of each varietal, conveying the wine’s specific characteristics as well as the unique experiences and feelings each blend provides. 



Frico by Scarpetta

This label reflects the wine’s rustic flavoring and lively character, for a bottle both eye-catching and approachable.


Are you looking to take your wine label to the next level and start attracting the consumer base you want? 






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