How to Create a Quality Gift Experience to Show and Tell Appreciation

Posted by Jordan Eckes on Oct 10, 2018 5:27:49 PM
You react with a forced smile, even though you are dying inside thinking, "How fast can I return this to the local department store?"

We get it. We've all forced a polite reaction during the holidays when receiving an impersonal present  — just like when Ralphie (Peter Billingsley), from the 1983 cult classic, A Christmas Story, received pink bunny pajamas from a distant aunt. Put simply, no one wants to endure the embarrassment of receiving a bad gift.

Creating a quality gift experience is a lot of pressure. It requires more thought and an extra push of sincerity, but it can be hard to find the time between work and personal life. Fear not, there are lots of ways we can work together to find personable, authentic gifts for your employees, co-workers, and top clients that don't break the bank or sink your time.

However, time is ticking. In order to put some genuine thought into the gifting experience and still find it affordable, you have to start on the gift hun — like yesterday. Get some inspiration from our latest gift guide, packed with great ideas for everyone on your list!

Get on top of it. Take a look at our Holiday Gift Guide.

Don't become the typical gift card buyer. That's boring.

We know you're least bit boring, but when you pull out the annual gift card to Whole Foods, your clients, employees, or co-workers are not going to be inspired or feel valued for the work they've done all year. There is nothing worse than anticipating a holiday gift and receiving something as impersonal as a gift card.

The key is to personalize a gift that is meaningful and useful for the person you are gifting to.

Steer clear of giving these items to anyone on your holiday list:

Gift cards

Enough said.

The big bag of socks 

Though useful, nothing screams boring, or more bunny pajama-esk, than a bag of generic socks.


Colleges hand them out as fun, free merch. The holiday gift you give to key business stakeholders should not be in the same category as something that is handed out for free.


We all know you get a bundle of those DVDs from the $5 basket at Target. Don't be tempted to grab a few of those for your co-workers. Just don't -- not only are they nearly irrelevant thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, but they are cheap throwaways that lack meaning or personalization. 


Don't re-gift that pen that you got for free at your local bank for signing up for a checking account.

A big bag of chocolates

It's a nice feel good present, but remember, let's not change up the holiday into a Halloween festivity. 

Plastic water bottles

I'm all for saving the environment, but plastic water bottles are low quality. Go for the big bucks and check out the hydroflask style of water bottles that have been hitting the market. 

This year, and for every year after, be a thoughtful gifter.

We thrive on subliminally showing appreciation through custom merchandise and premium branded products. I can go into a room full of people and say, "Okay I want you to raise you hand if you like to be appreciated." And everyone, no matter who they are, will raise their hand. It's not egotistical at all, rather the opposite.

The thought of someone appreciating you presence is entirely human, but also how we begin to forge emotional connections. The best way to appreciate your employee's, boss's, and/or client's work, dedication, loyalty, and business is a by way of a customized gift. 

Say for example,  you know your employees love the outdoors. A trendy flat brim hat with the mountains on it or a stainless steel camper travel mug are perfect and personable items for the outdoor lover back at the office. Maybe you want to go more general and still achieve the "it's the thought that counts" idea then perhaps go for some customizable merchandise pieces such as super soft customized hoodies or customized embroidered socks are okay; actually, MORE than okay. 

You just want to achieve that "wow" moment; a shock-and-awe factor that only thoughtful and meaningful items can provide. When your employee or co-worker opens up their gift from you this holiday season, you want them to be shocked at how well you know them. That means, in order for you to become the thoughtful gifter, you should lean towards customizing branded merchandise that they will love and look forward to wearing in and out of the office. 

Example: Customized Hoodie


 Custom hoodie by Anthem Branding

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Know your audience

Giving a personal gift can be tricky. Everyone has a different style, passions, and dislikes. A co-worker that might love a flannel shirt as a gift, and your boss might appreciate a watch. Understand your employees personalities outside of work, and then you can start thinking about the a gift that would floor them.

We get it. This holiday season, every spare moment you get is you is filled with thinking about shopping or actually shopping for the holiday season. Have no fear — Anthem Branding has great options and items uniquely designed to fit any gift receiver's personality. 

Showcased this year's holiday guide as collections to help inspire you, each item passed our litmus test of being both  interesting and note-worthy gifts. Your co-workers won't want to let these go once they receive them, and you will truly understand the magic of the holidays. 

Example: For the Boss Gift Collection

Holiday gifts from Anthem Branding perfect for executives from our 2018 Holiday Guide

2018 Holiday Gift Guide  DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY

Finally, a gifts threaded with that personal touch.

The personable ideas are the ones that go a long way. A customized planner or quality-made personal journal is a perfect way to show you care and still score some big gifting points!

Some people might think that a journal is too plain, but a journal or planner can really add value to someone's life. To try and up the ante, a leather journal or a intricate patch on a planner can really add that little extra something. And if you want to blow your co-workers away, add a handwritten note within the journal. It'll show that you care and notice all the hard work that they do. 

Example: Personal Journal

Anthem Branding Journal 2016

Don't wait to make this holiday season the best one yet. 

Good things take time. Thoughtful gifting is part art and science, and you can't just throw things together last minute without being a bunny pajama giver (unless that's what those on your list are into...). You want to be able to give  everyone on your list something they remember, and they will cherish well beyond the holidays.

The usual holiday stress doesn't need to occur this year or any year after, for that matter Collaborate with us, and we'll figure out the best gifts for your entire holiday list season. We will curate authentic, personable gifts for your employees, co-workers and top clients that will make them feel good and show that you care. This holiday season, we'll do it right. 

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