How To Market Your Natural Food Brand To Millennials 

Posted by Daniela Baldwin on Feb 2, 2018 2:12:37 PM
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Millenials, adults ranging from ages 18-34, is definitely a group you should target your natural food brand to.  Not only do they care about eating healthy, natural foods, but constantly are interacting with brands. So, how exactly do you make yourself stand out?

Here are the best ways to make sure your brand fits perfectly into the millenial lifestyle. 

How To Market Your Natural Food Brand To Millennials


Social Media

How To Market Your Natural Food Brand To Millennials

This is a vital component of marketing to millennials. They don’t just want to buy your product, they want to be able to connect with it, and what better way to do this then the place where they spend most of their time? Social media gives you a platform where you can further present your brand personality. Share engaging content that makes your consumer excited to buy your product.

A strong social media presence also allows you to engage with your consumers; you can respond to their tweets and Instagram comments, keeping you engaged and up to date on their wants and needs from your brand. 

College Campuses  

How To Market Your Natural Food Brand To Millennials

College campuses are filled with millennials eager to try free new snacks. Giving away samples of your product to hungry college students on their way to class will definitely make an impression, making you the popular topic on campus. 

Collaborative Events

Millennials care about health and fitness more than any other demographic. This is a perfect opportunity to pair up with a yoga, pilates or crossfit studio and host a free fitness class!  This gives you the opportunity to offer free samples of your brand’s product, as well as branded merchandise. Millennials are always searching for the best new natural food products out there, so this is perfect exposure that will leave a lasting impression. 

How To Market Your Natural Food Brand To Millennials



Whether it’s a food blogger, a Youtuber, or an instagram personality, Millenials are following them. They are called influencers for a reason, they hold a tremendous amount of power as they inform their followers on what products and brands they are crazy about. Creating a partnership with an influencer that fits your brand can make a big impact on brand recognition. 

How To Market Your Natural Food Brand To Millennials

Branded Merchandise 

Take your brand beyond just a product on the shelf. Go the extra mile and create branded merchandise that your consumers will love. Branded merchandise gives you the opportunity to excite your customer, create an emotional connection, and take brand exposure to the next level.  And, no, we are not just talking about a free pen with your logo on it. Branded merchandise has endless possibilities from apparel to accessories and will ultimately add value to your brand and your audience. 

How To Market Your Natural Food Brand To Millennials


Catching a millennials attention can be hard, but these 5 steps can make it easy. Developing social media strategies, event outreach, and branded merchandise are effective ways to get your brand noticed and loved. 


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