How To Tell Your Brand Story With Your New Hire Welcome Package

Posted by Tyler Browning on Apr 20, 2017 3:15:30 PM
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Brand Story New Hire Welcome Package

Every company needs a new hire welcome kit to greet staff members on the first day of work. Showing new employees they’re valued right from the start sets the stage for a positive work experience. A new hire welcome package provides basic information about what to expect from the job, but to truly make fresh talent feel like part of the team, it should also convey your brand story. 

Introduce the Culture

Design your new hire welcome kit so that it exudes your brand image from the moment employees lay eyes on it. The color and design of the folder or notebook, the tone of the welcome letter and the way information is presented all provide examples of what employees will experience when they come to work every day. 

Google Notebook Brand Merchandise New Hire Welcome Kit

By the time a new staff member has finished reading through the packet, he or she should have a vivid picture of the company culture. Presenting this picture upfront helps make them feel as though they’re already part of the team, even if they haven’t yet done any “real work” on the job. The faster you can bring someone on board with what your company stands for, the easier it is for them to settle in. 

Include Branded Merchandise

What could be better for new hires than arriving at their desks and discovering a collection of branded items waiting for them? Branded merchandise adorned with the company logo provides ample opportunities for reinforcing your company’s image and showing employees you’re in tune with their needs. 

Google Branded Merchandise

Go beyond the cliché pen and sticky-note combination, and provide items that will enhance your employees' daily lives. Fashionable hats and beanies convey a trendy side, well-designed backpacks and carrier bags show practicality and reusable food or beverage containers echo an eco-friendly ideal. Choose items that are representative of your company’s personality, and make sure they’re of high quality.


Engage from the Start

When fresh talent connects with your brand story through a well-designed new hire welcome package, it can have a beneficial effect on productivity. By taking the time to introduce employees to the atmosphere of the company and provide them with the information they need to be a valuable member of the team, you show you care about their success.

Make sure the welcome kit includes details on the ways your company helps its staff members grow. Tie this in to your brand story and mission, demonstrating how the personal values and unique attitudes of all employees help support a robust company image. Recognizing individual contributions encourages engagement and promotes a more positive work experience. 

Introducing new employees to your company’s brand story the moment they get on board establishes familiarity and helps maintain a cohesive culture. When staff members are comfortable with the corporate vision and values from day one, it builds a sense of trust and gives them the confidence to stand behind your brand and be strong representatives of the company.

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