How Video Content is Taking Over the Marketing Industry

Posted by Jordan Eckes on Jul 30, 2018 3:33:13 PM

Video content is revolutionizing the consumer and social media marketing experience.


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People are absorbing information like never before, and it's not through books or websites as much as it's through video content. Hubspot, an inbound marketing platform that educates companies about changes in the business landscape, claims that 1/4 of consumers lose interest in a company if they don't use video content on social media channels. That means if there are 100 consumers scrolling through your timeline, kiss 24 of them goodbye. The future is video content. How to-tutorials, live videos, and hype promotional videos are what people are gravitating to on a regular basis. Creating an memorable and personal experience for the consumers is what business revolves around now, and what better way to create an experience than to create a virtual one?

While some of you might find this channel of marketing an inviting challenge, many of you might be unsure of how you can incorporate video content into your social media.

Here are some quick tricks (not any in particular order) to produce video content that's easy and will drive customers to your social channels.

1. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are by far the easiest way to put out short, personable video content without clogging up your computer with editing and videography applications. Take a video of your weekly office meeting, behind the scenes of photo shoots, or of your merchandise closet. These quick and easy videos can provide a snapshot of the vibrance and unique personality of your company.

2. Boomerang

Yes, Instagram again. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media outlets that encompasses a wide range of users. Parents are beginning to sign up to follow their kid's adventures, and kids are signing on to follow other people's adventures. It is a very wanderlust filled and photography focused app that appeals to almost every consumer. The Boomerang feature within the app plays a short video in an almost cyclical way, just like a boomerang. It is a super fun way to show off some of your company apparel, merchandise, jewelry, and even your coworkers!



 3. How-to Videos

Every business is different, but when your company leans more towards informational and educational aspects, how-to videos might be the right type of video content to provide your consumers. Break down a concept for your customers in a concise way for them to better understand what it is that you do and the services you offer. Find experts within your team to speak on a specific topic, or explain something unique and interesting relevant to your company (like how custom garments are made!). Consumers are more willing engage with your brand and educate themselves when they know they are getting the best information.



4. Promotional Videos

This seems a tad bit more challenging, but it is far more rewarding. Creating a promotional video for an upcoming event your agency is hosting provides more insight into you are and how you work. Producing specific aesthetic shots and layering a good music over the top of your promotional video can elevate and personalize your company all at the same time.



5. Podcasts

If you thought podcasts were just for listening, then think again. A lot of people that are originally famous from YouTube have started to produce podcasts. They can be found in audio form, but often times are paired with a video form that can be found on YouTube. Establishing a YouTube channel for your company might seem a little far fetched, but if you're cranking out content for your podcasts, then a channel might be the best way to organize your videos. Video podcasts are just another avenue of marketing that can showcase your company with real life co-workers promoting your brand. A podcast can provide a more in depth look at work that your website or blog might not be able to deep dive into. Creating a podcast is another option to stay in touch with the changing, virtually-focused world we are functioning within.  



6. Stop Motion Film

You remember Wallace and Gromit? This claymation movie is considered the second most popular stop motion film. The claymation movies that seem to populate most everyone's childhood can actually be transformed into good video marketing content. However, instead of using claymation, you use your products and merchandise that you want to promote. Producing a stop motion film to post on your social media channels allows your business to show your high end promotional items in a fun and bouncy way. Stop motion films takes work. It means that you have to adjust your product to move half a centimeter and photograph it, and then repeat the process quite a few times (stop motion films take hours to create). Producing a stop motion film that is product oriented is easier to do when you can create it on your phone. There are apps like Stop Motion Studio to make the process of creating a stop motion film more accessible. Showcase a playful side by using your phone to create a 15 second stop motion video for a product or piece of merchandise or apparel you are promoting.


Millennial marketing encompasses the best kind of video content advertising. People are increasingly wanting to see faces throughout the cyber world, and video content is filling that hole. This kind of marketing strategy is still so nuanced that there are a plethora of other options to create video content for your business. We hope these easy suggestions can help you jumpstart your video marketing efforts!


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