Impressive Giveaways for the Natural Products Expo West 2020

Posted by Deanna Hoffman on Feb 18, 2020 2:58:05 PM
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It’s that time of year again! Natural Products Expo West is next month, and we’re prepared with the most impressive and high-quality items to make your booth and brand stand out amongst the rest.

If we’re guessing right, your company is gearing up for the thousands of visitors itching for the newest trends and products in the natural product industry.

You’re tasked with creating unique branded giveaway products that will wow your visitors and represent your brand well.

You might be thinking, how am I going to create a product that’s different, memorable, and a great representation of my brand?

We’ve got more than tchotchke giveaways

This audience doesn’t want another item for their junk drawer, and you want visitors to remember you upon leaving the show.

These are products that will wow your visitor, shocking them into thinking, Finally, a giveaway that I’ll actually use.

That’s where we come in! Here are some examples of the many custom products we can create together.

Reusable drinkware

For this year’s trade show, consider giving away high-quality water bottles, stainless pint glasses, or tumblers so your audience remembers you every time they take a swig.




Tech accessories

Trade shows call for early mornings that can run late into the day, and these long hours end up draining our phone battery.

For those of us that are constantly on-the-go, we can’t make much time to pause and sit plugged into the wall for thirty minutes or more.

In this case, giving away portable battery packs to your booth visitors is the perfect solution. You may also consider protective and stylish phone cases.







Backpacks and accessory pouches

Trendy and high-quality backpacks and pouches can be ways to ease the (quite literal) heavy-lifting trade show attendees lug around all day, as well as make for additional advertising of your brand on the floor and on the streets.

Here are some great examples that are great for both men and women on-the-go!


Custom headwear

For a brand interested in standing out with timeless products, custom headwear is where it’s at. We can offer an immense variety of product types and decoration ideas all the way down to the hat fabric, closure type, and interior accents.


Let’s collaborate

Speak to one of our brand experts today to get started on your custom products for Natural Products Expo West.

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