If Your Cannabis Brand Is Being Blocked By Traditional Ad Channels, Try Using Promotional Products

Posted by Jordan Eckes on Mar 13, 2019 1:41:32 PM

Nearly 33 states have legalized medical marijuana with one third of those legalizing cannabis for medical and recreation use. 

And yet, CBS recently rejected a cannabis company from running advertisements during halftime at the 2019 Super Bowl.

Cannabis brands across the country are now seeking out different ways to reach their target audience, many turning to custom merchandise and company branded promotional items

Cannabis clients, CW Hemp and LucidMood, partnered with Anthem Branding for some retail packaging design

Use custom merchandise as a part of your marketing and advertising strategy

People don't consciously realize that the tangible products people wear are a type of marketing tactic. Think of it this way, a person wearing a t-shirt with your brand's logo on it is free advertising your business whenever the shirt is worn. They are a walking billboard!

For the cannabis companies out there struggling to find the right channel, lifestyle apparel is an incredibly effective way to extend your brand and reach your target audience. 

Cannabis controversy in media

When the Super Bowl aired on CBS, there was a slew of commercials marketing food brands, beer and liquor, health insurance, and computer companies. The ad you didn't see was Acreage Holdings, a leading investment company in the medical marijuana industry.

The president of Acreage Holdings, George Allen, was "disappointed by the news but somewhat unsurprised."

Although multiple states have legalized medical marijuana for people that are dealing with chronic illnesses that cause them extreme pain, there is a stigma around the use of the substance as a treatment method. Aside from the societal stigmas, the industry is also faced with strict federal regulations blocking the use of mainstream media channels. 

According to the State of Colorado, cannabis companies can not advertise in print publications, on TV or radio — any mass media form  with an audience that is comprised of more than 30 percent minors (those under 18-years-old). 

The State of Washington has similar advertising regulations, stating that "no licensee can advertise marijuana or marijuana-infused products in any form or through any medium whatsoever appearing within 1,000-feet of school grounds, playgrounds, child care, public parks, libraries, or game arcades that allows minors to enter."

Also, you can't advertise on "public transit vehicles, shelters, or on any publicly-owned or operated property."

Seeing the words  marijuana, weed, cannabis  may turn people off and may stop them from reading this post; however, it is hard to ignore the facts.

In 2019, seven of the cannabis industries in the stock market are looking to grow their sales by a minimum of 400 percent. It's clear the cannabis industry is growing, reaping more profit, and making waves in the stock market. 

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Custom promotional products as an alternative to mainstream marketing tactics

With the recent controversy from the Super Bowl, how else can cannabis industries market to the masses in a digital age? There is social media marketing, but that can only go so far and can be pricey.

Promotional products can bridge the gap. The reach is real, with 89 percent of consumers receiving a promotional product in the last six months. Of that percentage, 79 percent of them researched the brand and 83 percent were more likely to do business with the brand.  

Quality promotional products can ensure that your potential customers are converted into loyal consumers.

Here are a few ideas that can be used to market your cannabis brand and raise awareness through promotional products. Plus, your customers will have a way to show their fandom of your brand, likely proudly wearing or using the items.

Custom apparel

Any kind of apparel that is customized to your cannabis brand will be a hit. Custom hoodies, t-shirts, and headwear are wearable items that advertise who you are as a company on real-life consumers.

Stranahan's Whiskey custom gray sweatshirt


Any kind of drinkware can be another addition to your promotional product line and could add a kick to an apparel line that you may have already created for your brand. Insulated, stainless steel water bottles can do just the trick. 

Anthem Branding black stainless steel water bottle

Custom backpacks

A custom backpack that is crafted for your cannabis brand might be the promotional item that sets you apart from other cannabis brands in the industry. 

Red White and Blue Anthem Branding Custom Backpack

Cannabis accessories

You should give fans something they'll want to keep. Branded accessories like grinders, vape pens, lighters, matches, ashtrays, and storage jars can create an impact on your everyday cannabis user. 

LucidMood bliss cannabis pen with blue backdrop

These aren't the only promo products you can choose from. If you have a groundbreaking promo idea, great! We would love to hear about it. We have an endless amount of sourcing available with quality suppliers that can help elevate your brand with unique items aligned to the cannabis industry and your brand. 

With custom branded merchandise and unique promotional products, cannabis brands can authentically market themselves and reach their target audience without violating state or federal advertising laws. 

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