Merch Highlight: Powder House Ski Shop

Posted by Jordan Eckes on Jan 28, 2019 1:53:12 PM

Deep powder isn't the only thing top of mind at Powder House Ski Shop. This year, Powder House partnered up with Anthem Branding to create a branded custom headwear line for their powder junky audience. 

Black Alta Mesh Hat for Power House Ski Shop by Anthem Branding

Getting to know Powder House Ski Shop through Alta 

To really get to the nitty-gritty of what Powder House wanted out of a custom line, it was important for our team to break down and learn what the powder junkies are saying about the beloved mountain, Alta

Alta is an all skier mountain in Utah that was founded back in 1938 and sits at an elevation of 8,350 feet. This mountain is steep, with over half of the terrain in black diamond territory. Some of the greatest skiers move to Utah's Salt Lake County to enjoy every bit of the Wasatch Mountain terrain.

It is then no surprise to discover that 18 of the most influential skiers of Alta have been inducted into the U.S. National Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. If that doesn't paint a picture of the intense and passionate ski life that Alta provides, here are a few quotes from the locals about Alta:

"There is a common thread that binds all skiers...the love and respect for our towering snow covered mountains, and the challenges, excitement, and inspiration they provide." - Alan K. Engen

"Alta was always the real mountain, the big mountain...Alta has a way of attracting eclectic group of individuals. I think we all share one thing in common, we are ultra ultra passionate about what we do, which is skiing." - Sierra Quitiquit, Alta athlete

"But this place is always the best storm riding, ever. I mean, Collin's lift is never shutting down, you're always skiing pow and just...faceshots for days." - Jesse Weeks, Alta ski patrol 

Alta is a mountain with a loyal following — for the epic powder days, the heritage, and the legendary skiers.

The creation of the ski shop

With such rich heritage, Powder House emerged in 1953 to support the elite riders of Alta. They focused on ski equipment and services initially, but expanded into offering biking and trail running gear. 

Why stop? Let's send it.

That's what Powder House decided. To add to their growth, they reached out to us to elevate their brand with a combined Powder House/Alta custom headwear line. 

Together, we sat down to talk about the essentials of creating a custom headwear line to help build a lasting emotional connection and learn about the program's business objectives, including:

  • Their target audience
  • The different styles that aligned with their brand
  • The quantity of the product
  • The ultimate end goal of the line

We think the custom line speaks for itself, but why not add a few more adjectives to describe this stellar headwear line? 

This line of custom headwear is gnarly, sick, rad, and super steezy.

Powder House/Alta Custom Headwear line by Anthem Branding   Powder House/Alta Custom Headwear line by Anthem BrandingAlta-Powder-House_Custom-Hats_04

Powder House/Alta Custom Headwear line by Anthem Branding   Powder House/Alta Custom Headwear line by Anthem Branding Alta-Powder-House_Custom-Hats_07

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The Powder House has a total of 10 custom styles and colors in their branded headwear line. The hats range from a Grandpa style hat to a 6-panel hat with different types of textures and designs, keeping the line authentically connected to the brand's ethos of quality and style.

Creating a custom headwear line requires creative skill and thinking. Each hat style should embody a personality of its own while telling the story the brand story. Accomplishing both is no small feat; however, with a collaborative, well-versed team of creative experts, the investment in custom headwear has a high return and is worth it time and again.

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