Promotional Items for Corporate Gifts

Posted by Tyler Browning on Nov 29, 2017 8:01:00 AM
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Promotional Items for Corporate Gifts by Anthem Branding

One way to give potential clients and prospective customers a lasting, positive impression of your business is to give promotional items for corporate gifts. These gifts also can be used internally to motivate team members, and enhance their employee experience by fostering an encouraging company culture. 

Unique promotional products can be a great way to ensure potential customers and/or clients remember you positively for years into the future. Nearly 70% of companies give gifts to potential customers. Here are some great times to give a corporate gift: 

What Are The Best Items To Give?

The best branded items are those that are high in quality, bring value to the recipients, and represent the ethos of your unique brand. While there are many items that are appropriate to give, these are some popular ones to consider: 

Pens + Journals

While branded pens and journals are very common, they are more effective than you think at leaving potential clients or customers with a positive impression. This is because they are used by potential clients and customers on a daily basis, and this will ensure that potential clients remember you well. In addition, they are a few of the more affordable gifts to give.

Promotional Items for Corporate Gifts by Anthem Branding

Coffee Mugs

Branded coffee mugs are also used on a daily basis by potential clients. They tend to be a bit more noteworthy to clients than branded pens.

Promotional Items for Corporate Gifts by Anthem Branding


T-shirts are one of the most common promotional items for a general customer base, and they're a great form of customer appreciation. They can be produced at a relatively low price point, and they tend to offer a much stronger impression than smaller gifts, such as pens. In addition, branded t shirts are visible to other potential customers whenever your customers wear them.

Promotional Items for Corporate Gifts by Anthem Branding


Similar to t-shirts, custom hats are a great promotional gift as they act as walking billboards, spreading visibility for your brand wherever they're worn. Unlike t-shirts, headwear is a more versatile option for a wide audience as it eliminates the hassle of managing size variations. 

Promotional Items for Corporate Gifts by Anthem Branding

Small Electronic Items

While giving out computers or phones themselves would generally come across as bribery, giving electronic accessories as a gift is a great way to sync up your brand with your consumers. Here are some types of custom merchandise for electronics that you could give:

  • Headphones
  • Power banks
  • Bluetooth speakers

Skip the chip bag clips and pet rocks with googly eyes. Think about making a special gift that tells a fuller story about your brand, and is something that people are excited about and will want to use.


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