How Rebranding Helps Businesses Avoid Hitting a Plateau and Remain Relevant

Posted by Jordan Eckes on Sep 10, 2018 2:44:49 PM

While rebranding may sound taunting, it's often just what companies need to do to stay relevant, growing, and competitive. 

Really pinning down who you are as a business is integral for business growth. It's essential to understand all the nuances of a company such as the brand's personality, characteristics, look and feel; all of which contribute to the bigger brand picture of who the company is and what it does.

However, what happens when the company shows signs of slowing down and stagnating? Even, dare we ask, what happens when a company does hit that dreaded plateau? Undergoing a rebrand is always best practice, and with good reason, if the company feels a little passé.  

If a company stagnates long enough, hitting the plateau isn't an if, but when. Connect with one of our brand strategists to learn about how to proactively start the process to keep the brand relevant, the company strong, and growth a constant. 


Rebrand at BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed News recently rebranded by leveraging a transformation of their brand typography.

The online news and media rebrand didn't come out of nowhere, says Ben Smith, editor-in-chief at BuzzFeed, who told reporters at TechCrunch "[the rebrand] is “an organizational change that’s already happened."  

The BuzzFeed website began to gravitate toward the look and feel of their news brand. It was just a matter of time for BuzzFeed to recognize the natural maturation, and officially move forward with rebranding BuzzFeed News to meet the needs and expectations of the market.

Smith recognized the opportunity for continued growth and decided to rebrand the BuzzFeed News logo with a simple, yet sophisticated type face. The creative teams at BuzzFeed refined brand's typography to characterize a serious yet approachable feeling, which help with strategically positioning the company better in the marketplace as a bonafide news source.  

Buzzfeed news logo typography rebrand


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The transition from a blocky type to a new, more refined font for BuzzFeed amplifies their brand better than it had in the past. A modern, classic looking font and design evolutions created an entirely new connotation to their business, which is something that they needed during their new stage of growth.  Here is the old block type of BuzzFeed, and the new BuzzFeed News rebranding. 

BuzzFeed logo before it was rebranded

 Buzzfeed original typography logo

 Buzzfeed news original typography logo


BuzzFeed logo after it was rebranded

Buzzfeed News logo rebrand

Buzzfeed News logo rebrand black



Buzzfeed News Reporting to You logo rebrand 

When does it make business sense to rebrand? 

Ultimately, you have to make the call. The process of rebranding and refreshing your logo isn't an overnight process; it's a lot of time, dedication, and resources. All the clients we have partnered with proves its a worthwhile undertaking. There are many factors that go into the decision to rebrand; however, a lot of them come down to accommodating for change in your company and having a universal mindset of out with the old, and in with the new. 

Giving the go ahead to rebrand means that you have to start at square one. You have to figure out the design and aesthetic you want to strive for that will embody the new change in your business. Yet, you still want to keep the integrity of your business. Thankfully, at Anthem Branding, we have a team of designers and brand strategists that take time to understand what you need, and can transform the brand to be set up for success and growth for years to come. 

Rebranding trend: simple typography 

Telluride Juice Co 

Telluride Juice Co Typography

Telluride Juice Co typographic labels 


Paxton logo and typography

Paxton logo overlay on image of two people


Variations of Pact logo with tagline by Anthem Branding

Pact logo with young blonde woman by Anthem Branding


Mineral logo (black) by Anthem Branding 

Mineral logo variations by Anthem Branding


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