Snarf's Sandwiches: Aims for the Upper Crust of Branded Merchandise

Posted by Melissa Kovach on Feb 4, 2019 7:22:00 AM
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If you have tried a Snarf’s sandwich from one of their 20 locations in Colorado, Texas, or Missouri, you know it’s one damn good sandwich.

And not just because they are made-to-order or stacked with only premium meats, cheeses, and fresh vegetables, but because each sandwich embodies the passion the company was founded on over 20 years ago.

It’s that passion that consumers crave time and again, and what turns them into a loyal base of brand advocates — choosing one brand over others.

Snarf’s custom merchandise line translates the brand’s fun and quirky values  

Snarf's Sandwiches Branded Merchandise and Apparel Line by Anthem Branding.
Snarf's Sandwiches custom merchandise line by Anthem Branding includes t-shirts and headwear. Photos provided by Snarf's and used with permission.

“Everyone loves branded merchandise for a company that you have a connection, attachment, and love for,” the Snarf’s marketing team told us. “We have created apparel in the past, but it was all simply our logo on merchandise. We were looking to go outside-of-the-box on our creativity with new designs featuring our brand name and our reason for being: sandwiches.”

Custom merchandise creates an opportunity for people to wear their love for Snarf's

Keeping the chatter on your brand consistently high is a daily marketing challenge no matter the industry or product/service it sells. 

“Snarf’s fans are hardcore fans and we created merch that reflects that fervor and their unique style,” says Anne Robertson, senior account manager here at Anthem. 

“Their bright colors and quirky illustrations have been with them from the beginning and were so happy to work with them to make these pieces a reality,” says Robertson.

For Snarf’s, they, fortunately, have a solid base of social brand advocates that spread the word about their tasty sandwiches to their friends organically. The marketing team saw this as a prime opportunity to express the company’s gratitude for their loyalty and what better way to show this than providing a means for them to wear their love. 

“We also enjoy being able to wear this apparel during marketing activities whether we are handing out sandwich samples at an event or making a customer’s sandwich behind the counter,” the team told us.

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Contests and giveaways are more effective with custom merchandise 

Increasing brand awareness is a cinch when the strategy incentives are focused around custom merch. It’s not only a visual way for fans to post about their brand loyalty but a way to get people wearing a shirt, for example, who may not have bought it themselves.

Giveaway winners of Snarf’s contests are always thrilled to get the brand’s merchandise thanks to its unique and authentic nuances that help the brand tangibly translate its core values.

“Snarf’s is a fun and quirky brand,” the team shared with us. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we want you to feel the same — comfortable in your skin, and in your clothes.” 

Knit beanies for Snarf's Sandwiches by Anthem Branding

Knit beanies for Snarf's Sandwiches by Anthem Branding incorporate the brand's fun and quirky values. Photo from Snarf's Instagram feed.

Snarf’s and Anthem: A creative partnership built from shared Boulder DNA 

Snarf’s has an incredible dedication to supporting the community. Being a Boulder-based company, they strive to partner with companies that are also born and bred here in the foothills. 

“[Anthem Branding] is truly a company where art meets merch,” the Snarf’s team told us. “Whether one is trying to merge his/her brand with current trends or come up with something completely original, Anthem knows how to take the vision and run with it.”

Our team aims to achieve our client’s vision by taking on a shared mindset that what is our client's vision, is our vision, too. This mutuality directs which promotional products and designs we recommend and allows us to support our recommendations on the bedrock of a brand’s DNA.

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